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Date(s) - 09/25/2021
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Hotshots Volleyball Club


The long time Jumbo FunRaiser is bringing back the Volleyball Tournament to the FUN.  We are offering recreational 6’s  Intermediate 4’s and Upper 4’s.  Recreation 6’s check in starts at 9am sharpe.  Intermediate and Upper Intermediate Divisions will have a 9:30am Check in.   Food and Live music will be included for this event. Don’t forget!!! Bring some cash because Jay always has a huge selection of raffle prizes!!! See everyone there!

The NOVA Fee is NOT required for this event

Teams as of 9/23:

Intermediate 4’s terry strobel
Intermediate 4’s Matt strobel
Intermediate 4’s TBD n/a
Intermediate 4’s TBD n/a
Intermediate 4’s Luke Shafer
Intermediate 4’s Carley Jackson
Intermediate 4’s Jill Ricci
Intermediate 4’s Cameron Bracken
Intermediate 4’s Abbey Muir
Intermediate 4’s Spot n/a
Intermediate 4’s Aurora n/a
Intermediate 4’s Mike  Coburn 
Intermediate 4’s Chris Mowery
Intermediate 4’s Stacey Bonacci
Intermediate 4’s Randy Bittner
Intermediate 4’s Matt McGuinness
Intermediate 4’s Melissa Turner
Intermediate 4’s TJ  Tortatice 
Intermediate 4’s Ben Metzger
Intermediate 4’s TBD TBD 
Intermediate 4’s Bo Bun
Intermediate 4’s Bruce Lee
Intermediate 4’s Wesley Smith
Intermediate 4’s Chris Fantauzoo
Intermediate 4’s Dan Bayley
Intermediate 4’s John N/A
Intermediate 4’s Shawna N/A
Intermediate 4’s Jared N/A
Intermediate 4’s Michael Pulver
Intermediate 4’s Jess Calzone
Intermediate 4’s tbd n/a
Intermediate 4’s tbd n/a
Intermediate 4’s Kate White
Intermediate 4’s Malone Malone
Intermediate 4’s Evan Smith
Intermediate 4’s Andrea Green
Intermediate 4’s Mathew whiting
Intermediate 4’s Rob Wilkie
Intermediate 4’s Mike Kelly
Intermediate 4’s Tbd n/a
Recreation 6’s  Alex Johnson
Recreation 6’s  Nick Wynne
Recreation 6’s  Symantha Searles
Recreation 6’s  Valerie Van housen
Recreation 6’s  Paul Lampanaro
Recreation 6’s  Ryan Schaufner
Recreation 6’s Quisha Santos
Recreation 6’s Andy DeSantis
Recreation 6’s Dave Caesar
Recreation 6’s Casie Austin
Recreation 6’s Jose Barbosa
Recreation 6’s Rick Caesar
Recreation 6’s  Mark Halecki
Recreation 6’s  Madeline Kusminsky
Recreation 6’s  Ryan Kisker
Recreation 6’s  John Bagby
Recreation 6’s  Aaron Neininger
Recreation 6’s  Colin Walker
Upper Intermediate 3’s Gregory Humphrey
Upper Intermediate 3’s Aurora Lee
Upper Intermediate 3’s Cam Brack
Upper Intermmediate 4’s  Angry Ray
Upper Intermmediate 4’s  Papa N.
Upper Intermmediate 4’s  Jeff Mcguinness
Upper Intermmediate 4’s  Eddie D.
Upper Intermmediate 4’s CHAU NGUYEN
Upper Intermmediate 4’s Blake Dowell
Upper Intermmediate 4’s Neil Weaver
Upper Intermmediate 4’s John Mccarty
Upper Intermmediate 4’s  Chad Hursey
Upper Intermmediate 4’s  B Waas n/a
Upper Intermmediate 4’s  Maria n/a
Upper Intermmediate 4’s  Kyle Coburn
Upper Intermmediate 4’s Sheldon Swift
Upper Intermmediate 4’s Danielle Chipre
Upper Intermmediate 4’s Mike Voelkl
Upper Intermmediate 4’s Christa Mickol
Upper Intermmediate 4’s  Vathxira Inthalasy
Upper Intermmediate 4’s  Justin Hafner
Upper Intermmediate 4’s  Andy Huey
Upper Intermmediate 4’s  Kate Huey
Upper Intermmediate 4’s Chrissy Allen
Upper Intermmediate 4’s Kay Pfleghardt
Upper Intermmediate 4’s Chris Harte
Upper Intermmediate 4’s Matt Sutherland
Upper Intermmediate 4’s  Diana Frank
Upper Intermmediate 4’s  Eric Tuttle 
Upper Intermmediate 4’s  Nathan n/a
Upper Intermmediate 4’s  Peter n/a
Upper Intermmediate 4’s Cori G. n/a
Upper Intermmediate 4’s Pedro n/a
Upper Intermmediate 4’s Heather n/a
Upper Intermmediate 4’s Bipo n/a
Upper Intermmediate 4’s  Henry  Gorton
Upper Intermmediate 4’s  Greg  Humphrey
Upper Intermmediate 4’s  Mike Humphrey
Upper Intermmediate 4’s  Amanda  Malone


Bookings are closed for this event.