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Date(s) - 03/16/2024
9:30 am - 5:30 pm

Hotshots Volleyball Club


This Saturday we have Coed 2’s for our intermediate and advanced divisions. Make sure to be checked in by 9:30 as the first serves will be happening right at 10! The NOVA fee is required for this event for all except WEVA members (Juniors). We’ve got some fun prizes and a great day of volleyball ahead. We can’t wait to see you there!

Reminder: The first division to 10 teams will get a third pool. Do not register under the incorrect division if a division is full. Please call Hot Shots to be added to the waitlist.


Teams as of: 3/05/24

Coed Advanced 2’s Caroline Dobinski
Coed Advanced 2’s Kyle Coburn
Coed Advanced 2’s  John McCarty
Coed Advanced 2’s  Hannah Ferrill
Coed Advanced 2’s Declan Claeys
Coed Advanced 2’s Sam Holdredge
Coed Advanced 2’s  Scott Bundonis
Coed Advanced 2’s  Abbey Muir
Coed Advanced 2’s Rachel Holmes
Coed Advanced 2’s Andrew Winky
Coed Advanced 2’s  Jenna Smith
Coed Advanced 2’s  Colin Ferguson
Coed Advanced 2’s Harper D
Coed Advanced 2’s Luke Z
Coed Advanced 2’s  Mikelly Lmt
Coed Advanced 2’s  Andrea Green
Coed Advanced 2’s Shaun Turner
Coed Advanced 2’s Bort Pietrzy
Coed Advanced 2’s  Lauren Mulverna
Coed Advanced 2’s  Brendan Mulverna


Coed Int 2’s  Austin Devlin
Coed Int 2’s  Katherine Devlin
Coed Int 2’s Julie Ash
Coed Int 2’s Matt Hess
Coed Int 2’s  Conny Gaertner
Coed Int 2’s  Jeffrey Rogan
Coed Int 2’s Zach Berg
Coed Int 2’s Jess Smith
Coed Int 2’s  Alexis Krause
Coed Int 2’s  John Mis
Coed Int 2’s Meghan Connor
Coed Int 2’s Jake Bloss
Coed Int 2’s  Sam Zagrobelny
Coed Int 2’s  Erin Zagrobelny
Coed Int 2’s Jasmine Ferris
Coed Int 2’s Dan Ferris
Coed Int 2’s  Caitlin O’Leary
Coed Int 2’s  Neil Weaver
Coed Int 2’s Sam Campisi
Coed Int 2’s With Coffey
Coed Int 2’s  Akiya Barbosa 
Coed Int 2’s  Jose  Barbosa
Coed Int 2’s Marc Mitrano
Coed Int 2’s Kate Brown
Coed Int 2’s  Doug Klueber
Coed Int 2’s  Leah Klueber
Coed Int 2’s Greg Hump
Coed Int 2’s Jilly Vc
Coed Int 2’s  Bryan Eckler 
Coed Int 2’s  Laura  Bryan 





This event is fully booked.