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Date(s) - 11/27/2022
9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Hotshots Volleyball Club


UPDATE!!! WE ARE FULL!!! See everyone Sunday!


Our last, but certainly not least tournament of our Thanksgiving weekend tournament extravaganza! This Sunday, will be advanced and intermediate coed 2’s! We know that this is everyone’s favorite format.  So, don’t wait to register. The NOVA Fee is required for this event.  Check in will begin at 9:30am.

Teams as of: 11/22

Coed Advanced 2’s Madeline Palmer
Coed Advanced 2’s Alex Houghtalen
Coed Advanced 2’s  Abbey Muir
Coed Advanced 2’s  Bryan Eckler 
Coed Advanced 2’s Caroline Dobinski
Coed Advanced 2’s Kyle Coburn
Coed Advanced 2’s  Andrew Winkelman
Coed Advanced 2’s  Sam Holdredge
Coed Advanced 2’s Brat Pietrzykowski
Coed Advanced 2’s Grog Humphrey
Coed Advanced 2’s  Rachel Holmes
Coed Advanced 2’s  Brannon Perdicho 
Coed Advanced 2’s Christa Mickol
Coed Advanced 2’s Carl Longcurtains
Coed Advanced 2’s Tallis Polashenski
Coed Advanced 2’s Scott Berend
Coed Advanced 2’s Michael Voelkl
Coed Advanced 2’s Alyssa Castro
Coed Advanced 2’s  Ava Wickes
Coed Advanced 2’s  Xzavier Vanderstouw


Coed Int 2’s  Jeannie Gainsburg
Coed Int 2’s  Gordon  Simpson
Coed Int 2’s Matt Coffey
Coed Int 2’s Lindsay Atkins
Coed Int 2’s  Tanios Sarkis
Coed Int 2’s  Ruby Close
Coed Int 2’s Jake Bliss
Coed Int 2’s Lindsay Hernandy
Coed Int 2’s  Mike Grover
Coed Int 2’s  Melissa Grover
Coed Int 2’s Mel Turner
Coed Int 2’s Zach Brown Band
Coed Int 2’s  Nicholas  Bills
Coed Int 2’s  Makenzie Bills
Coed Int 2’s John McCarty
Coed Int 2’s Emily Trotman
Coed Int 2’s  Shaun Turner
Coed Int 2’s  Christina  Pelletier
Coed Int 2’s Kate Brown
Coed Int 2’s Sharp Sharp
Coed Int 2’s  Sam Gaetano
Coed Int 2’s  Mike Coburn
Coed Int 2’s Chau Nguyen
Coed Int 2’s Justin Hafner
Coed Int 2’s  Sarah Ward
Coed Int 2’s  Ja Johnson 
Coed Int 2’s Jillian Ricci
Coed Int 2’s Conner McGregor
Coed Int 2’s  P Lamp
Coed Int 2’s  J Calzon



Bookings are closed for this event.