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Date(s) - 11/26/2023
9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Hotshots Volleyball Club


Our last, but certainly not least tournament of our Thanksgiving weekend tournament extravaganza! This Sunday, will be advanced and intermediate coed 2’s! We know that this is everyone’s favorite format.  So, don’t wait to register. The NOVA Fee is required for this event.  Check in will begin at 9:30am.

Teams as of: 11/22

Coed Advanced 2’s Nick Tartaglia
Coed Advanced 2’s Sam Gaetano
Coed Advanced 2’s  Scott Bundonis
Coed Advanced 2’s  Jillian Vancott
Coed Advanced 2’s Jesse Walker
Coed Advanced 2’s Cassie Thayse
Coed Advanced 2’s  Andrew Winkleman
Coed Advanced 2’s  Christina Pelletier
Coed Advanced 2’s Guse n/a
Coed Advanced 2’s Carl n/a
Coed Advanced 2’s  Christa Mickol
Coed Advanced 2’s  Gage Record
Coed Advanced 2’s Lindsay Hernady
Coed Advanced 2’s stefan Mikol
Coed Advanced 2’s  Mr Mulverna
Coed Advanced 2’s  Mrs Mulverna 
Coed Advanced 2’s Declan Claeys
Coed Advanced 2’s Kay Pfleghardt
Coed Advanced 2’s  kyle z
Coed Advanced 2’s  emma w



Coed Int 2’s Conor McGregor
Coed Int 2’s Jill Biden
Coed Int 2’s  Matt Coffey
Coed Int 2’s  Monica Brower
Coed Int 2’s Jeanne Gainsburg
Coed Int 2’s Gordan Simpson
Coed Int 2’s  Donnie Shearing
Coed Int 2’s  Maddie Palmer
Coed Int 2’s Mike Coburn
Coed Int 2’s Aurora Hump
Coed Int 2’s  Jenna Smith
Coed Int 2’s  Ken Shultes
Coed Int 2’s Samantha n/a
Coed Int 2’s Anthony n/a
Coed Int 2’s  Alexis  DeLong
Coed Int 2’s  Kamren Record
Coed Int 2’s Amanda Johnson
Coed Int 2’s Mike Kelly
Coed Int 2’s  Shaun Turner
Coed Int 2’s  Kylee Bartlett
Coed Int 2’s Ava Wickes
Coed Int 2’s Xzavier Vanderstouw
Coed Int 2’s  Kenny Curtin
Coed Int 2’s  Paige Reed
Coed Int 2’s Tenacious D
Coed Int 2’s Wesley Snipes
Coed Int 2’s  Shelby  Budnick
Coed Int 2’s  Adam Dake
Coed Int 2’s Akiya Barbosa
Coed Int 2’s Jose Barbosa





This event is fully booked.