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Date(s) - 12/31/2023
9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Hotshots Volleyball Club



This Sunday we have Coed 2’s for our intermediate and advanced divisions. Make sure to be check in by 9:30 as the first serves will be happening right at 10! Our advanced division will have a cash prize for first place and our intermediate divisions will have other wonderful prizes. The NOVA fee is required for this event for all except WEVA members (Juniors). We can’t wait to see you there!

Reminder: The first division to 10 teams will get a third pool. Do not register under the incorrect division if a division is full. Please call Hot Shots to be added to the waitlist.


Teams as of: 12/14


Coed Advanced 2’s Zach Schnieder
Coed Advanced 2’s Emma Wolkoski
Coed Advanced 2’s  Abbey Spot
Coed Advanced 2’s  Spot Abbey
Coed Advanced 2’s Shaun Turner
Coed Advanced 2’s TBD TBD
Coed Advanced 2’s  Caroline Dooburn
Coed Advanced 2’s  Kyle Coburnski
Coed Advanced 2’s Tallis Polashenski
Coed Advanced 2’s Brannon Perdicho
Coed Advanced 2’s  Kyle  Zelasko
Coed Advanced 2’s  Vanessa Kuliga
Coed Advanced 2’s James Connelly
Coed Advanced 2’s Carmella Sidare
Coed Advanced 2’s  Shelb Dawg
Coed Advanced 2’s  Stoob n/a
Coed Advanced 2’s Jesse Walker
Coed Advanced 2’s Ellie Benedict
Coed Advanced 2’s  Carl Longcurtains
Coed Advanced 2’s  Guse n/a


Coed Int 2’s Laura Bryan
Coed Int 2’s Michale Ellison
Coed Int 2’s  Brennan Hoelperl
Coed Int 2’s  Catriona Hoelperl
Coed Int 2’s Cooper Mehlenbacher
Coed Int 2’s Sarah Ward
Coed Int 2’s  Sean Fleming
Coed Int 2’s  Liz Skalabaster
Coed Int 2’s Carter Calis
Coed Int 2’s Jolie O’Brien
Coed Int 2’s  Jenna  Smith 
Coed Int 2’s  Conner  ODonoghue 
Coed Int 2’s Wesley Snipes
Coed Int 2’s Sweet D
Coed Int 2’s  Matt Coffey
Coed Int 2’s  Jill Ricci Rich 
Coed Int 2’s Valerie VanHoesen
Coed Int 2’s Calvin Gonzalez
Coed Int 2’s  Anthony Storelli
Coed Int 2’s  Samantha Holdredge
Coed Int 2’s Paul Lampanaro
Coed Int 2’s Alissa Borlaug
Coed Int 2’s  Tyler St Denis
Coed Int 2’s  Brittany  St Denis
Coed Int 2’s Declan Claeys
Coed Int 2’s Danielle Chipre
Coed Int 2’s  Jillian  Garvey
Coed Int 2’s  Jon Garvey
Coed Int 2’s Mr Mulverna
Coed Int 2’s Mrs Mulverna





This event is fully booked.