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Date(s) - 03/18/2023
9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Hotshots Volleyball Club


We are just passed the halfway through March. Times flying buy for our spring tournament series. This weekend we have Coed intermediate and Advanced 2’s. First division to 10 teams gets the third pool. Check in will begin at 9:30am We will be sending teams out by 9:50pm. The NOVA Fee is required for this event. If a division is full. Do not register in the incorrect level.

Teams as of: 3/17

Coed Int 2’s Jeannie Gainsburg
Coed Int 2’s Gordon Simpson
Coed Int 2’s  Mike Bossard
Coed Int 2’s  Coleby  Charlier
Coed Int 2’s  Mel Turner
Coed Int 2’s  Cam Bracken
Coed Int 2’s John Henderson
Coed Int 2’s Tara Topolski
Coed Int 2’s  Jillian Ricci
Coed Int 2’s  Conner O’D
Coed Int 2’s Kate Brown
Coed Int 2’s B Perdicho
Coed Int 2’s  Mikelly Lmt
Coed Int 2’s  Tbd n/a
Coed Int 2’s Alexis DeLong
Coed Int 2’s Donnie Shearing
Coed Int 2’s  chau Nguyen
Coed Int 2’s  Justin Hafner
Coed Int 2’s Dakota Morrison
Coed Int 2’s Tyler Petrie
Coed Int 2’s  Paul Lampanaro
Coed Int 2’s  Jenna Smith
Coed Int 2’s Declan Claeys
Coed Int 2’s Caitlin Claeys
Coed Int 2’s  Sarah Kelly
Coed Int 2’s  Liam  Christie
Coed Int 2’s Mike Pulver
Coed Int 2’s Jess Calzolari
Coed Int 2’s  Britt  E
Coed Int 2’s  Dicky H


Coed Open 2’s  Brayden  Palinski
Coed Open 2’s  Anna  Kurtzhalts
Coed Open 2’s Rachel Holmes
Coed Open 2’s Andrew Winkleman
Coed Open 2’s  Samantha  n/a
Coed Open 2’s  Anthony  n/a
Coed Open 2’s Shaun Turner
Coed Open 2’s Kylee Bartlett
Coed Open 2’s  Cooper Mehlenbacher
Coed Open 2’s  D’s Nutz
Coed Open 2’s Tallis Polashenski
Coed Open 2’s Tom Chamberlain
Coed Open 2’s  Shelb Dawg
Coed Open 2’s  Carl Longshlong
Coed Open 2’s Randy Bittner
Coed Open 2’s Brytney Annis



Bookings are closed for this event.