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Date(s) - 07/30/2023
8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Charlotte Beach


Teams as of: 7/29

Open Coed 2’s Michael Colavecchia
Open Coed 2’s Natasha Bogdanovic
Open Coed 2’s  Abbey Spot
Open Coed 2’s  Spot Abbey
Open Coed 2’s Tallis Polashenski
Open Coed 2’s Brannon Perdicho
Open Coed 2’s  Jesse Walker
Open Coed 2’s  Sam Holdredge
Open Coed 2’s sonia mcgassigan
Open Coed 2’s Sean denniston
Open Coed 2’s  Jake Gleason
Open Coed 2’s  Jaclyn Maguire
Open Coed 2’s Christa M
Open Coed 2’s Declan C
Open Coed 2’s  Kiera  Cornman 
Open Coed 2’s  Josh Bigford
Open Coed 2’s Shaun Turner
Open Coed 2’s Tall Brit
Open Coed 2’s  Emma E
Open Coed 2’s  Johnny Bly
Open Coed 2’s Jasmine B
Open Coed 2’s Zach Schnieder
Open Coed 2’s  guse Siragusa
Open Coed 2’s  Stoob Mickol
Open Coed 2’s Barbie n/a
Open Coed 2’s Shelb Dawg


Intermediate Coed 2’s Symantha Johnson
Intermediate Coed 2’s Brian Johnson
Intermediate Coed 2’s  Pallas Hoffmann
Intermediate Coed 2’s  Ryan Levcik
Intermediate Coed 2’s Amanda Haller
Intermediate Coed 2’s Alex Johnson
Intermediate Coed 2’s  Nickolas Mickolas 
Intermediate Coed 2’s  Laura Bryan
Intermediate Coed 2’s Don Shearing
Intermediate Coed 2’s Tirzah Pillet
Intermediate Coed 2’s  Doug Klueber
Intermediate Coed 2’s  Leah Klueber
Intermediate Coed 2’s Jess Calzone
Intermediate Coed 2’s The King Of the Beach
Intermediate Coed 2’s  Nikki Bell
Intermediate Coed 2’s  Michael Sweltzy
Intermediate Coed 2’s Akiya Barbosa
Intermediate Coed 2’s Jose Barbosa
Intermediate Coed 2’s  Rowan  Considine 
Intermediate Coed 2’s  Matt  Meacham 
Intermediate Coed 2’s Andrew Howe
Intermediate Coed 2’s Sarah Ward


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