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Date(s) - 07/22/2023
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Genesse Valley Park


We are back for another one!! It’s everyone’s favorite time of year in the volleyball community. It’s Flower City weekend!! Lets put an emphases on weekend! Why do you ask? This will be year two that we have a two-day event. Saturday, we will be running our 4’s divisions. We will have Open, Women’s, Upper intermediate, Lower Intermediate, and recreation divisions. So, we have a division for everyone. Just a reminder, NO SANDBAGGING. Do the right thing and sign up for the correct division. We will do our best to move team to the correct division if we feel they are too low of a level.  Check in for this event will begin at 7:30am. We will be sending all team out by 8:30am. Please make sure your entire team is checked in before 8:30. We will have packets that you can pick up starting the Thursday before for the 4’s division that will have your waivers, drink tickets, and food tickets. You may also pick your packets up the morning of the event.   The NOVA Fee is not required for this event.

Teams as of: 7/21

Advanced 4’s Mike Marcy
Advanced 4’s Dan Marcy
Advanced 4’s Evan Ingerick
Advanced 4’s Corey Wiktorski
Advanced 4’s  Will Cornell
Advanced 4’s  Rob Pavlik
Advanced 4’s  Sean Snyder
Advanced 4’s  Connor Schade
Advanced 4’s Jack Rooney
Advanced 4’s Matt Dempsey
Advanced 4’s Carlton Coatsworth
Advanced 4’s Cal Crosby
Advanced 4’s  Ian  De Wilde
Advanced 4’s  Brad  Converse
Advanced 4’s  Alex Overhoff
Advanced 4’s  Donnie Ernst
Advanced 4’s Joshua Gregg
Advanced 4’s Dylan Mcfadden
Advanced 4’s Sam Lane
Advanced 4’s Griffin Fieseler
Advanced 4’s Brady Stump
Advanced 4’s  Zach Schneider
Advanced 4’s  Ryan Sumarsono
Advanced 4’s  Rob Patzer
Advanced 4’s  Mike Krueger
Advanced 4’s Eric Martin
Advanced 4’s Balake Leeson
Advanced 4’s Stephen Braswell
Advanced 4’s Mikey Pelletier
Advanced 4’s  Jamie Wolmering
Advanced 4’s  AJ Logosh
Advanced 4’s  Steve O’Dell
Advanced 4’s  Chris DeLucie
Advanced 4’s  Luke  Lawatsch
Advanced 4’s  Ryan Shelton
Advanced 4’s Benjamin Metzger
Advanced 4’s Garrett Kirk
Advanced 4’s Bryan Camp
Advanced 4’s Thay n/a
Advanced 4’s  Cam Milligan
Advanced 4’s  Kyle Zalasko
Advanced 4’s  Carter Dittman
Advanced 4’s  Zach Cramer
Advanced 4’s Gabe LaRobardiere
Advanced 4’s Casey Jackson
Advanced 4’s Aidan Calhoun
Advanced 4’s Nick Barrese
Advanced 4’s  Matt Marusza
Advanced 4’s  Johnny Bly 
Advanced 4’s  Rob  Evangelista 
Advanced 4’s  Luke Hofer
Advanced 4’s Trace LaRobariere
Advanced 4’s Gavin Newman
Advanced 4’s Jake Baker
Advanced 4’s Dan Shanely
Advanced 4’s  CJ DENK
Advanced 4’s  Jesse na
Advanced 4’s  Matt Nally
Advanced 4’s  Aj witkofsky
Advanced 4’s  Dan Glamack
Advanced 4’s Brendan Leong
Advanced 4’s Eric Jackson
Advanced 4’s Sam Capen
Advanced 4’s TBD TBD
Advanced 4’s  Chad Hursey
Advanced 4’s  John  Bacardi
Advanced 4’s  Paul Hackford
Advanced 4’s  Matt Beiter
Advanced 4’s Mike Ellison
Advanced 4’s Nick Mickol
Advanced 4’s Bruan Eckler
Advanced 4’s Ethan Drangler
Advanced 4’s  Billy  Weaver
Advanced 4’s  Henry  Moffit
Advanced 4’s  Maverick O Neil
Advanced 4’s  Matt Gary
Advanced 4’s Ryan Guyton
Advanced 4’s Shane Wenz
Advanced 4’s Mike Basile
Advanced 4’s Nick Pozzuto
Advanced 4’s  David  Cerqua
Advanced 4’s  Griffen  Stella
Advanced 4’s  Warren Hoke
Advanced 4’s  Tristen  Cummings
Advanced 4’s Andrew Ludwig
Advanced 4’s Matt Karpen
Advanced 4’s Alex Kagoro
Advanced 4’s Ryan Dejohn
Advanced 4’s  Christian  Graziano
Advanced 4’s  Joe  Zanelotti 
Advanced 4’s  Kenny  Rudz 
Advanced 4’s  Taylor  Sutherland 
Advanced 4’s  Jake Gleason
Advanced 4’s Tyler F
Advanced 4’s Henry G
Advanced 4’s Kyle C
Advanced 4’s Adam Dake
Advanced 4’s  Stefan M
Advanced 4’s  Trevor C
Advanced 4’s  Riley Dolan
Advanced 4’s  Maikon Na



Womens 4’s Lauren Mulvehill
Womens 4’s Andrea Green
Womens 4’s Sarah Studwell
Womens 4’s Sara Martin
Womens 4’s  Justine  Manalastas
Womens 4’s  Erica Chao
Womens 4’s  Erin  Parkinson
Womens 4’s  TBD TBD
Womens 4’s Kylee Bartlett
Womens 4’s Anna Williams
Womens 4’s Amanda Haller
Womens 4’s Jessica Calzolari
Womens 4’s  Rachel Fiser
Womens 4’s  Maddie Torres 
Womens 4’s  Meaghan  Mastro 
Womens 4’s  Grace Jacobs 
Womens 4’s Kelly Matison
Womens 4’s Hunter Drews
Womens 4’s Megan Hyde
Womens 4’s Tricia Masten
Womens 4’s Jill Ricci
Womens 4’s  Carrie Fare
Womens 4’s  Kimmy Lavender 
Womens 4’s  Kelly Lavendar
Womens 4’s  TBD TBD
Womens 4’s Mae Siphakongviseth
Womens 4’s Grace Isaksen
Womens 4’s Claire Isaksen
Womens 4’s Lindsey DeBonis
Womens 4’s  Tallis Polashenski
Womens 4’s  Christina Pelletier
Womens 4’s  Brit Pietrzykowski
Womens 4’s  Maddie Palmer
Womens 4’s Courtney Poirier
Womens 4’s Rachel Poirier
Womens 4’s Noelle Poloncarz
Womens 4’s Maryellen Devic
Womens 4’s  Abbey Muir
Womens 4’s  Danielle  Chipre
Womens 4’s  Amanda  Johnson
Womens 4’s  Hannah Kmiecinski
Womens 4’s Angela Collins
Womens 4’s Megan Paige
Womens 4’s Mogan Cavarello
Womens 4’s Molly McDermid
Womens 4’s  Kiera Hartpence
Womens 4’s  Maddie  Rudolph
Womens 4’s  Carlie Rzeszotarski
Womens 4’s  Kaylene  Noble
Womens 4’s Jill Bayley
Womens 4’s Kiya Brewer
Womens 4’s Emmeline Pipech
Womens 4’s Yufei He
Womens 4’s  Bri Rodgers
Womens 4’s  Rachael Aird
Womens 4’s  Sami  Wolf
Womens 4’s  Jackie Allen
Womens 4’s Rachel Holmes
Womens 4’s Jenna Holmes
Womens 4’s Shelby Budnick
Womens 4’s Kay Pfleghardt
Womens 4’s  Sarah Wilkinson
Womens 4’s  Jenna DiPasquale
Womens 4’s  Stacey Sereno
Womens 4’s  Aubrey Totsline
Womens 4’s Abby Ryan
Womens 4’s Molly Ryan
Womens 4’s Olivia Alessi
Womens 4’s Vanessa Kultus
Womens 4’s  Krista  Maltzahn
Womens 4’s  Amanda  Malone
Womens 4’s  Brooke  Wessells
Womens 4’s  Haley Unverdorben
Womens 4’s grace crounse
Womens 4’s alex mckenzie
Womens 4’s sarina pasquantonio
Womens 4’s parker cummings
Womens 4’s  Caroline Dobinski
Womens 4’s  Lindsay Hernady
Womens 4’s  Annie HotWheels
Womens 4’s  Sam Holdredge 
Womens 4’s Diana Frank
Womens 4’s Holly Potter
Womens 4’s Jillian Van Cott
Womens 4’s Sam Gaetano
Womens 4’s  Alea S
Womens 4’s  Kelsey M
Womens 4’s  Cece C
Womens 4’s  Ally A
Womens 4’s Sam h
Womens 4’s Meg Denk
Womens 4’s CArson Tyler
Womens 4’s Maddie Johnson
Womens 4’s Rylee Burgeron
Womens 4’s  Mar G
Womens 4’s  Aimee Spil
Womens 4’s  Jamie Schlesinger
Womens 4’s  Jordan Thompson
Womens 4’s C $
Womens 4’s Ellie Benedict
Womens 4’s Tessa Grover
Womens 4’s Jess Siragusa
Womens 4’s  Caitlyn Meyer
Womens 4’s  Kathryn Vogl
Womens 4’s  Sam Burgio
Womens 4’s  Emma Wlostowski
Womens 4’s Ana Gerbino
Womens 4’s Abby Higgins
Womens 4’s Kylie Blessing
Womens 4’s Nicole Rivera
Womens 4’s  Lee Keeling
Womens 4’s  Gabby  Rivera 
Womens 4’s  Brooke  Segars 
Womens 4’s  Ava  Wickes


Upper Intermediate 4’s Ivan Schneible
Upper Intermediate 4’s Zach Dunbar
Upper Intermediate 4’s Andrew Zimmer
Upper Intermediate 4’s Tyler Saunders
Upper Intermediate 4’s  John Haag
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Wesley Smith
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Zack Callabrese
Upper Intermediate 4’s  TBD  n/a
Upper Intermediate 4’s Brendan Merna
Upper Intermediate 4’s Matt Strobel
Upper Intermediate 4’s Zach Brown
Upper Intermediate 4’s Austin Lee
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Luke Shafer
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Mike Coburn
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Jason Aldrich
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Mitch Larkin
Upper Intermediate 4’s G Hump
Upper Intermediate 4’s Wink Goat
Upper Intermediate 4’s Garvy Garvy
Upper Intermediate 4’s Gage Rec
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Steve Goedtel
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Tom Scheck
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Eric Russ
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Kevin  Hughes
Upper Intermediate 4’s Sean Fleming
Upper Intermediate 4’s Jess Jenkins
Upper Intermediate 4’s Matt Sutherland
Upper Intermediate 4’s Sheldon Swift
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Carl Champlongs
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Shaun  Turner
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Craig  Turner
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Anna  Turner
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Marisa Turner
Upper Intermediate 4’s Eric Bish
Upper Intermediate 4’s Tanner Makowski
Upper Intermediate 4’s Marc Bixby
Upper Intermediate 4’s Jesse Karcher
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Brody  Jackson
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Luke  Zimmerman
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Luke Sullivan
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Jacob Grams
Upper Intermediate 4’s Gavin Record
Upper Intermediate 4’s Kamren Record
Upper Intermediate 4’s Emily Cottrell
Upper Intermediate 4’s Seth Welker
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Graham Love
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Tim Haack
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Mark Halecki
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Jack Broderick 
Upper Intermediate 4’s Josh Hoy
Upper Intermediate 4’s Justin Podgorney
Upper Intermediate 4’s David Wynne
Upper Intermediate 4’s Russo Dylan
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Ray Voelkl
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Jeff McGuiness
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Matt McGuinness
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Ben DeLaCruz
Upper Intermediate 4’s T Campbell
Upper Intermediate 4’s L Ferruzza
Upper Intermediate 4’s B Perdicho
Upper Intermediate 4’s C Harte
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Justin Hafner
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Jason Hill
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Chau Nguyen
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Evan Pikuet
Upper Intermediate 4’s Benoit Biteau
Upper Intermediate 4’s Alex Nies
Upper Intermediate 4’s Mike Shade
Upper Intermediate 4’s Ross Johnson
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Evan Smith
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Neil Weaver
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Luke Reazor
Upper Intermediate 4’s  TBD TBD
Upper Intermediate 4’s Gavin Rauh
Upper Intermediate 4’s Ian Rauh
Upper Intermediate 4’s Hudson Harris
Upper Intermediate 4’s Jake Janus
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Nick Tartaglia
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Russ Tartaglia
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Mike  Pulver
Upper Intermediate 4’s  Todd Allen


Lower Intermediate 4’s Clark Burris
Lower Intermediate 4’s Jake Bliss
Lower Intermediate 4’s TBD n/a
Lower Intermediate 4’s TBD n/a
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Sam Zagrobelny 
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Thomas Zagrobelny 
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Russell Zagrobelny 
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Jack Zagrobelny
Lower Intermediate 4’s Mike Moore
Lower Intermediate 4’s Tim Mousaw
Lower Intermediate 4’s Mike Kinn
Lower Intermediate 4’s John Kujawinski
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Declan Claeys
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Pat Williams
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Chris Claeys
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Calvin Gonzalez
Lower Intermediate 4’s Bill Melick
Lower Intermediate 4’s Jason Rotoli
Lower Intermediate 4’s Roberto Gonzalez
Lower Intermediate 4’s Jim Smith
Lower Intermediate 4’s  SHAWNA  LAEMLEIN
Lower Intermediate 4’s  KRYSTAL STIMUS
Lower Intermediate 4’s  JARED KISER
Lower Intermediate 4’s  MAT WHITING
Lower Intermediate 4’s Jeff Hay
Lower Intermediate 4’s Steve Phillips
Lower Intermediate 4’s Tim Williams
Lower Intermediate 4’s Mike Dokus
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Mel Turner
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Kate Brown
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Bobby Emerson
Lower Intermediate 4’s  TBD TBD
Lower Intermediate 4’s Matt Coffey
Lower Intermediate 4’s Kenny Curtain
Lower Intermediate 4’s Kenny S
Lower Intermediate 4’s Colin F
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Steve Ashman
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Eben Meyer
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Justin Forgensi
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Rich Eikert
Lower Intermediate 4’s Josh Canfield
Lower Intermediate 4’s TBD n/a
Lower Intermediate 4’s TBD n/a
Lower Intermediate 4’s TBD n/a
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Coty  Patrizi
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Alex  Pera
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Joaquin n/a
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Alyssa  Phillips
Lower Intermediate 4’s Katie Baldwin
Lower Intermediate 4’s Emily Trotman
Lower Intermediate 4’s Tim Mastellar
Lower Intermediate 4’s Ben Summit
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Marcus  Davic
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Pretty  Ricky 
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Zach  Gillard 
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Patrica  Dillon 
Lower Intermediate 4’s Cooper Mehlenbacher
Lower Intermediate 4’s Liz Scklany
Lower Intermediate 4’s Sarah Ward
Lower Intermediate 4’s Pedro n/a
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Valerie Vanhoesen
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Nick Senita
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Marc Mitrano
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Billy Dehond
Lower Intermediate 4’s Nikki Bell
Lower Intermediate 4’s Phillip Zuber
Lower Intermediate 4’s Nate Zuber
Lower Intermediate 4’s Kaden Taylor
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Gordon Simpson
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Manuel Pena
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Greg Niewiemski
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Megan Moody
Lower Intermediate 4’s Jerry Menzie
Lower Intermediate 4’s Jason Ehmann
Lower Intermediate 4’s Tommy Dunn
Lower Intermediate 4’s TBD TBD
Lower Intermediate 4’s  TBD  TBD 
Lower Intermediate 4’s  n/a n/a
Lower Intermediate 4’s  n/a n/a
Lower Intermediate 4’s  n/a n/a
Lower Intermediate 4’s  n/a n/a
Lower Intermediate 4’s Alex Johnson
Lower Intermediate 4’s Sym Johnson
Lower Intermediate 4’s Nick Wynne
Lower Intermediate 4’s Alex Barber
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Brittany Vanno
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Dan Steiner
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Noah McGhee
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Phil Smith
Lower Intermediate 4’s Nick Sandhu
Lower Intermediate 4’s Evan Squire
Lower Intermediate 4’s Bre Pollard
Lower Intermediate 4’s Tim Stringer
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Emmett O’Brien
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Trey Clark
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Riley Mahoney
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Garrett Besaw
Lower Intermediate 4’s Stephen Tarasek
Lower Intermediate 4’s Tom LeRoy
Lower Intermediate 4’s Aaron Olek
Lower Intermediate 4’s Joe D’Angelo
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Steven Hun
Lower Intermediate 4’s  John Doan
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Jeremy  Snelgrove
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Chris  Fantauzzo 
Lower Intermediate 4’s Justin Carroll
Lower Intermediate 4’s Kevin Tesch
Lower Intermediate 4’s Mike Bain
Lower Intermediate 4’s Matt Bain
Lower Intermediate 4’s  luis m
Lower Intermediate 4’s  nayomie f
Lower Intermediate 4’s  jaden h
Lower Intermediate 4’s  cristopher r
Lower Intermediate 4’s Dominic Rosen
Lower Intermediate 4’s Stephanie Ali
Lower Intermediate 4’s Tanios Sarkis
Lower Intermediate 4’s TBD n/a
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Noel Bateman
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Bill Whitney
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Chris Weidenborner
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Noel D Bateman
Lower Intermediate 4’s Cole Lewis
Lower Intermediate 4’s Jared Himes
Lower Intermediate 4’s Gabe Carruth
Lower Intermediate 4’s George Muriel
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Conner Vangellow
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Parker Vangellow
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Jon Klossner
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Megan Cahall
Lower Intermediate 4’s Ed Chapman
Lower Intermediate 4’s Jon Rogers
Lower Intermediate 4’s Luke Rogers
Lower Intermediate 4’s Mike Finger
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Mark Reynolds
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Jason Robbins
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Ryan Repich
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Cory Repich
Lower Intermediate 4’s Rocco Lucci
Lower Intermediate 4’s Rocco na
Lower Intermediate 4’s Dominic na
Lower Intermediate 4’s Rob na
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Rainier RG
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Dario D
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Tyler B
Lower Intermediate 4’s  Good Setter
Lower Intermediate 4’s Colin McDermott
Lower Intermediate 4’s Ryan Smolowik
Lower Intermediate 4’s Jacob Park
Lower Intermediate 4’s Anakin de la Cruz


Recreation 4’s Paul Lampanaro
Recreation 4’s Jenna Smith
Recreation 4’s Jonathan Perrier
Recreation 4’s Recreational Player
Recreation 4’s karson bates
Recreation 4’s solen clark
Recreation 4’s donnie shearing
Recreation 4’s tbd tbd
Recreation 4’s Matthew Gunderson
Recreation 4’s Paige Reed 
Recreation 4’s Jeremy Crane
Recreation 4’s Mark Thayer
Recreation 4’s Tony Terradas
Recreation 4’s John Donovan
Recreation 4’s Janice Embury
Recreation 4’s Eric Frazier
Recreation 4’s Casie  Austin
Recreation 4’s Shane  Sullivan
Recreation 4’s Rick Caesar
Recreation 4’s Quisha  Santos
Recreation 4’s Britney Merriman
Recreation 4’s Matt Sharp
Recreation 4’s Edward Mattle
Recreation 4’s Jenn Knaak
Recreation 4’s Bryan Lam
Recreation 4’s Tyler Mingolia
Recreation 4’s Jimbo  Slice
Recreation 4’s Kat Gore
Recreation 4’s Justin Gerace
Recreation 4’s Lyndsey Rowland
Recreation 4’s Lemar Leach
Recreation 4’s Dave Baker
Recreation 4’s Erin n/a
Recreation 4’s Cory n/a
Recreation 4’s Travis n/a
Recreation 4’s Scot n/a
Recreation 4’s Jack Gerew
Recreation 4’s Clara Gerew
Recreation 4’s Joe Gerew
Recreation 4’s Bill Gerew
Recreation 4’s Katie Dokus
Recreation 4’s Kim Eichas 
Recreation 4’s Kristen Kremers
Recreation 4’s Jody White
Recreation 4’s Ryan Schnaufer
Recreation 4’s Chandler Allen
Recreation 4’s Devan Carter
Recreation 4’s Marquis Carter
Recreation 4’s Michelle Malach
Recreation 4’s Elijah Malach
Recreation 4’s Andrea Malach 
Recreation 4’s Mark Sanson
Recreation 4’s Mike Bossard
Recreation 4’s Adam Vanskiver
Recreation 4’s Josh Stauring
Recreation 4’s Jimmy Griff




Bookings are closed for this event.