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Date(s) - 11/19/2022
3:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Hotshots Volleyball Club


High School season is over! That means that we get a bunch of our Advanced players back! Why is that important? Well for more advanced divisions of course! This weekend, we will have advanced and intermediate divisions. Check in for this 3’s event will be at 3:30 pm. Plenty of time to sleep in, get some last minute fall cleanup done, then have some fun at your favorite volleyball facility.  We will see everyone Saturday! The NOVA Fee is required for this event.

Teams as of: 11/18

Advanced 3’s  Barbie n/a
Advanced 3’s  Joshua Bigford
Advanced 3’s  Carter Dittman 
Advanced 3’s aidan hanna
Advanced 3’s mike spiegel
Advanced 3’s rob evangelista
Advanced 3’s  Adam  Dake
Advanced 3’s  Stefan Mickol
Advanced 3’s  Mike Voelkl
Advanced 3’s Kyle Zelasko
Advanced 3’s Cam Milligan
Advanced 3’s Zach Schneider
Advanced 3’s  Sheldon Swift
Advanced 3’s  Sean Fleming
Advanced 3’s  Matt Sutherland
Advanced 3’s Eddie daoreuang
Advanced 3’s Ty Farnung
Advanced 3’s Maikon Monteiro


Intermediate 3’s  Caroline Dobinski
Intermediate 3’s  Kyle Coburn
Intermediate 3’s  Alyssa Alyssa
Intermediate 3’s Happy Ray
Intermediate 3’s J. The Garv
Intermediate 3’s Andrew The Wink
Intermediate 3’s  Jon Bigelow
Intermediate 3’s  Jill Bigelow
Intermediate 3’s  Dan Rudy
Intermediate 3’s Joe Reazor
Intermediate 3’s Luke Reazor
Intermediate 3’s Cole Reazor
Intermediate 3’s  Bort Pietrzykowski
Intermediate 3’s  Grog Hump
Intermediate 3’s  Chad !
Intermediate 3’s Jeff McGuiness
Intermediate 3’s Jillian VanCott
Intermediate 3’s Tom Chamberlain
Intermediate 3’s  John  Kimball
Intermediate 3’s  Dave Schilpp
Intermediate 3’s  Guido Christofori
Intermediate 3’s Ben Bartosch
Intermediate 3’s Manny Colon
Intermediate 3’s Kevin Pond
Intermediate 3’s  Benoit Biteau
Intermediate 3’s  Stacy HopefullyNotDrunk
Intermediate 3’s  Alex Nies
Intermediate 3’s Scott Prindle
Intermediate 3’s Melissa Houghtalen
Intermediate 3’s Matt McGuinness
Intermediate 3’s  Rachel Holmes
Intermediate 3’s  Bacardi Party
Intermediate 3’s  Princess  D
Intermediate 3’s Chau Nguyen
Intermediate 3’s Cooper n/a
Intermediate 3’s Jason Hill
Intermediate 3’s  Zach Calabrese
Intermediate 3’s  Wes Smith
Intermediate 3’s  TBD n/a
Intermediate 3’s Alex Johnson
Intermediate 3’s Alex Barbrr
Intermediate 3’s Nick Wynne
Intermediate 3’s  Nick Tartaglia
Intermediate 3’s  BIll Best
Intermediate 3’s  Russ Tart


Bookings are closed for this event.