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Date(s) - 12/10/2022
11:30 am - 7:00 pm

Hotshots Volleyball Club


Wow! Can’t believe it. We are already onto our last 3’s tournament of the year. Don’t worry! There will be more in our spring Schedule which will be posted shortly! Check in will begin at 11:30am. First serve will be at noon on the dot. So, please arrive no later than 11:45. We will have intermediate and advanced levels for you to choose from. The NOVA Fee is required for this event. See everyone there!

REMINDER: If a division is full. Do not register under the incorrect division. Your registration will not count!!! Please call Hot Shots to be added to the wait list.

Teams as of: 12/07

Advanced 3’s Mike KOBurn
Advanced 3’s Tall Brit
Advanced 3’s Shaun Turner
Advanced 3’s  Nicholas Mickol
Advanced 3’s  Steezy F Baby
Advanced 3’s  E n/a
Advanced 3’s Barbie n/a
Advanced 3’s Casey Jackson
Advanced 3’s Gabe LaRobardiere
Advanced 3’s  C$ n/a
Advanced 3’s  Hank the Tank
Advanced 3’s  The worse Coburn
Advanced 3’s Adam Dake
Advanced 3’s Tim Ferriter
Advanced 3’s Josh Bigford
Advanced 3’s  Tyler Farnung
Advanced 3’s  Sean Dillon
Advanced 3’s  Mike Kreuger
Advanced 3’s Kyle Zelasko
Advanced 3’s Zach Schneider
Advanced 3’s Johnny Bly
Advanced 3’s  Garvey Party
Advanced 3’s  Tommy Gun
Advanced 3’s  Winky Toe
Advanced 3’s Griffin Stella
Advanced 3’s Trace La Robardiere
Advanced 3’s Paul Hackford


Intermediate 3’s Jeannie Gainsburg
Intermediate 3’s Liz Olson
Intermediate 3’s Gordon Simpson
Intermediate 3’s  Tom Wowkowych
Intermediate 3’s  Tom  Ferriter
Intermediate 3’s  Ron Penders
Intermediate 3’s Sam G
Intermediate 3’s Wes S
Intermediate 3’s Chad H
Intermediate 3’s  John Haag
Intermediate 3’s  Pat Williams
Intermediate 3’s  N/A n/a
Intermediate 3’s Alex Johnson
Intermediate 3’s Alex Barber
Intermediate 3’s Nick Wynne
Intermediate 3’s  Mike Pulver
Intermediate 3’s  Jess Calzolari
Intermediate 3’s  TBD n/a
Intermediate 3’s Mike Pulver
Intermediate 3’s n/a n/a
Intermediate 3’s n/a n/a
Intermediate 3’s  Carly Jackson
Intermediate 3’s  Mike Kelly
Intermediate 3’s  Luke Shafer
Intermediate 3’s Nicholas Tartaglia
Intermediate 3’s Caleigh Schroeder
Intermediate 3’s Caleb Smith
Intermediate 3’s  Matt McGuinness
Intermediate 3’s  Jeff McGuinness
Intermediate 3’s  Ray Voelkl
Intermediate 3’s Brendan Merna
Intermediate 3’s Lauren Mulvehill
Intermediate 3’s Cooper Mehlenbach
Intermediate 3’s  Rachel H
Intermediate 3’s  Bruce  n/a
Intermediate 3’s  Bacardi  n/a
Intermediate 3’s Josh Canfield
Intermediate 3’s Doug Klueber
Intermediate 3’s TBA n/a
Intermediate 3’s  Gage Record
Intermediate 3’s  Greg Hump
Intermediate 3’s  Jill VC
Intermediate 3’s Chau Nguyen
Intermediate 3’s Blake Dowell
Intermediate 3’s TBD n/a



This event is fully booked.