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Date(s) - 12/09/2023
11:30 am - 7:00 pm

Hotshots Volleyball Club


High School season is over! That means that we get a bunch of our Advanced players back! Why is that important? Well for more advanced divisions of course! This weekend, we will have advanced and intermediate divisions. Check in for this 3’s event will be at 11:30 am. Plenty of time to sleep in, get some last minute fall cleanup done, then have some fun at your favorite volleyball facility.  We will see everyone Saturday! The NOVA Fee is required for this event.

Teams as of: 12/8

Advanced 3’s kyle z
Advanced 3’s cam m
Advanced 3’s zach na
Advanced 3’s  Billy Wieberg
Advanced 3’s  Johhny  Bly 
Advanced 3’s  Mike  Kruger 
Advanced 3’s Jake Basinski
Advanced 3’s Maverick Oneill
Advanced 3’s Henry Moffitt
Advanced 3’s  jack rooney 
Advanced 3’s  sean califf
Advanced 3’s  jake gleason
Advanced 3’s Peter Leicht
Advanced 3’s Jariel Giraud
Advanced 3’s Ethan Sturm


Intermediate 3’s  chau nguyen
Intermediate 3’s  Kameron Record
Intermediate 3’s  Gavin Record
Intermediate 3’s Jenna S
Intermediate 3’s Paul L
Intermediate 3’s tbd tbd
Intermediate 3’s  Sam G
Intermediate 3’s  Andrew  W
Intermediate 3’s  Mike  P
Intermediate 3’s Matt Coffey
Intermediate 3’s Seth Welker
Intermediate 3’s Kenny Curtain
Intermediate 3’s  Mikelly LMT
Intermediate 3’s  Carly Elizabeth 
Intermediate 3’s  Luke Shafer
Intermediate 3’s Bri Rodgers
Intermediate 3’s Kevin Visconti
Intermediate 3’s Carl Longchamps
Intermediate 3’s  Travis Collins
Intermediate 3’s  Kyle Mihaljevic
Intermediate 3’s  John Besner
Intermediate 3’s Andrew Gallagher
Intermediate 3’s Kobe Oley
Intermediate 3’s Ben Kelley
Intermediate 3’s  Barbie n/a
Intermediate 3’s  Rachel Holmes
Intermediate 3’s  Alex Bethmann
Intermediate 3’s Declan Claeys
Intermediate 3’s Scott Berend Berend
Intermediate 3’s Talis (Best hitter)
Intermediate 3’s Mark Reynolds
Intermediate 3’s  🐜 Ant-Tonio Banderas
Intermediate 3’s  Ant Thony
Intermediate 3’s  Richard Hughson
Intermediate 3’s Diana Frank
Intermediate 3’s West Smith
Intermediate 3’s  Michael Coburn
Intermediate 3’s  Ben Coburn
Intermediate 3’s  Brit Pietrzykowski
Intermediate 3’s Donnie Shearing
Intermediate 3’s mel t
Intermediate 3’s tbd okay!
Intermediate 3’s  Christa m
Intermediate 3’s  Adam Dake
Intermediate 3’s  Lindsay H


Bookings are closed for this event.