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Date(s) - 02/11/2023
11:30 am - 7:00 pm

Hotshots Volleyball Club



We’ve got an 11:30am check in this Saturday for our 3’s sand tournament. As always, please be checked in by 11:45. First serves will be at noon.  We will have both intermediate and open divisions. First division to 10 teams gets the 3rd pool. The NOVA Fee is required for this event.

If a division is full. DO NOT register under the incorrect division. Your registration will not count. Please call Hot Shots to be added to the wait list if a division is full.

Teams As of: 2/10/23


Intermediate 3’s Nicholas Tartaglia
Intermediate 3’s Russ Tartaglia
Intermediate 3’s Declan Claey
Intermediate 3’s  John Haag
Intermediate 3’s  Dan Bayley
Intermediate 3’s  Zack Callabrese
Intermediate 3’s Mike Coburn
Intermediate 3’s Andrew WinkelGOAT
Intermediate 3’s Carol Baskins
Intermediate 3’s  Cooper Mehlenbacher
Intermediate 3’s  Calvin G
Intermediate 3’s  Mike P
Intermediate 3’s Ian Williams
Intermediate 3’s Anna Williams
Intermediate 3’s Alex Barber
Intermediate 3’s  Bryan Eckler 
Intermediate 3’s  Nick  Tartaglia 
Intermediate 3’s  Abbey  Muir
Intermediate 3’s Alex Johnson
Intermediate 3’s Nick Wynne
Intermediate 3’s Dakota Morrison
Intermediate 3’s  Sam  G
Intermediate 3’s  Brit P
Intermediate 3’s  A really good Setter
Intermediate 3’s SHAWNA LAEMLEIN
Intermediate 3’s MATT CARDOT
Intermediate 3’s SHAUN TURNER
Intermediate 3’s  Chau Nguyen
Intermediate 3’s  Blake Dowell
Intermediate 3’s  TBD n/a
Intermediate 3’s LIZ Szklany
Intermediate 3’s Brannon Perdicho
Intermediate 3’s Wes Smith
Intermediate 3’s  Ricky Hughson
Intermediate 3’s  Diana Frank
Intermediate 3’s  Brit Engals
Intermediate 3’s Paul Lampanaro
Intermediate 3’s Steven Hun
Intermediate 3’s Sam Zagrobelny
Intermediate 3’s  Ben  Nally
Intermediate 3’s  James  Arlington 
Intermediate 3’s  Cassidy Oswald
Intermediate 3’s Kenny Curtin
Intermediate 3’s Paige Reed
Intermediate 3’s Mat Whiting
Intermediate 3’s  Graham Love
Intermediate 3’s  Tim Haack
Intermediate 3’s  Jack Broderick


Open 3’s Tim Ferriter
Open 3’s Jason Aldrich
Open 3’s Ty Farnung
Open 3’s  Adam Dake
Open 3’s  Riley Dolan
Open 3’s  Stefan Mickol
Open 3’s Nicholas Mickol
Open 3’s Mickol Ellison
Open 3’s Ellison Dangler
Open 3’s  Lucas  Pynn
Open 3’s  Liam O’Keefe
Open 3’s  Nick Czapla
Open 3’s Matthew Russell
Open 3’s Justin Veal
Open 3’s Grant Langlotz
Open 3’s  Alex Houghtalen
Open 3’s  Luke Lawatsch
Open 3’s  Jamie Wolmering
Open 3’s Jose Barbosa
Open 3’s Akiya Brewer
Open 3’s Bo Krop



Bookings are closed for this event.