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Date(s) - 10/21/2023
11:30 am - 7:00 pm

Hotshots Volleyball Club


This weekend we will have intermediate and upper intermediate divisions. What’s upper intermediate mean? That means you may have up to 1 advanced player on your team. No Sand bagging!!! Check in for this 3’s event will be at 11:30am pm. Plenty of time to sleep in, get some last minute fall cleanup done, then have some fun at your favorite volleyball facility.  We will see everyone Saturday! The NOVA Fee is required for this event.

Teams as of: 10/20

Upper Int 3’s Angry Ray
Upper Int 3’s Mike Voelkl
Upper Int 3’s Sheldon Swift
Upper Int 3’s Declan Claeys
Upper Int 3’s Nick Tartaglia
Upper Int 3’s Connor O
Upper Int 3’s King Coburn
Upper Int 3’s Duke Dake
Upper Int 3’s Sir Winkelman
Upper Int 3’s Evan Smith
Upper Int 3’s Matt Strobel
Upper Int 3’s Jon Garvey
Upper Int 3’s Brannon Perdicho 
Upper Int 3’s Bacardi n/a
Upper Int 3’s Marisa Turner
Upper Int 3’s Chau Nguyen
Upper Int 3’s Shaun Turner
Upper Int 3’s Matt Mcguiness
Upper Int 3’s Henry Gorton
Upper Int 3’s Lindsay Hernady
Upper Int 3’s Jack Harrington
Upper Int 3’s Tim Ferriter
Upper Int 3’s Edwin Durang
Upper Int 3’s Andrew Joseph
Upper Int 3’s Michael Pulver
Upper Int 3’s Jessica Calzolari
Upper Int 3’s Danny M
Upper Int 3’s Aidan Calhoun
Upper Int 3’s Gabe Larobadiere
Upper Int 3’s Guillermo Perez


Intermediate 3’s Josh Canfield
Intermediate 3’s Chris Harte
Intermediate 3’s Luke n/a
Intermediate 3’s  Ricky Hughson
Intermediate 3’s  Mike Bain
Intermediate 3’s  Matt Bain
Intermediate 3’s Cooper Mehlenbacher
Intermediate 3’s Ken Shultz
Intermediate 3’s Billy Batz
Intermediate 3’s  Jillian Ricci
Intermediate 3’s  Conner McGregor
Intermediate 3’s  Eben  Meyerrrr
Intermediate 3’s Tyler Petrie
Intermediate 3’s Olivia H
Intermediate 3’s Aaron Wilberts
Intermediate 3’s  Princess  D
Intermediate 3’s  Wes   Snipes
Intermediate 3’s  Baby  Blues
Intermediate 3’s Conner n/a
Intermediate 3’s Matt n/a
Intermediate 3’s Jose n/a
Intermediate 3’s  Matt Coffey
Intermediate 3’s  Seth Welker
Intermediate 3’s  Jake Bliss
Intermediate 3’s Bryan Luke
Intermediate 3’s Will Smith
Intermediate 3’s Madison Keys
Intermediate 3’s  Yufei He
Intermediate 3’s  Akiya Brewer
Intermediate 3’s  Jakarri
Interemdiate 3’s Jason Barbuto
Interemdiate 3’s Shelby Budnick
Interemdiate 3’s Rachel Holmes
Intermediate 3’s  Don Shearing
Intermediate 3’s  Quisha Santos
Intermediate 3’s  Rick Caesar
Intermediate 3’s Andre Gnaihc
Intermediate 3’s Monica Brower
Intermediate 3’s Marcus Davic
Intermediate 3’s  Griffin Stella
Intermediate 3’s  Gavin Newman
Intermediate 3’s  Trace LaRobardiere


Bookings are closed for this event.