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Date(s) - 05/20/2023
8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Charlotte Beach



Moving to Hot Shots!!!



We are at the end of May and that can mean only mean one thing! Hard court season has ended, and we are moving outdoors! There is no better feeling than hanging up your shoes and kneepads for a while and getting some sand between your toes. This weekend, we will be hosting juniors boys and girls 2’s 18 and under and 14 and under 2’s divisions. If it’s your first time, we start with check in at 8am. We will be sending all teams out by 8:45am for pool play. Here we will also be going over any or all rules for teams. Pool play generally lasts 3 to 4 hours. We then will have playoffs which every team will make a division for more play. Playoffs will be single elimination.  Your day should end between 2pm and 4pm depending on how your team does.

The NOVA Fee is not required for this event if you are a WEVA member,

Teams as of: 5/15

Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 14U Dylan Worden
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 14U Michael Duckles
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 14U Devon Britton
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 14U Zach Rausch
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 14U Owen Klueber
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 14U JJ Odell
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 14U Charles Klueber
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 14U Griffin Pike
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 18U Adam Cornman
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 18U Zach Sculley
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 18U Jake Zelasko
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 18U Braden Dunz
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 18U Noah M
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 18U Luke Z
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 18U Doug Klueber
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 18U Elijah Ward
Girl’s Jr 2’s 18U Avery H
Girl’s Jr 2’s 18U Maddie S
Girl’s Jr 2’s 18U Peyton Snyder
Girl’s Jr 2’s 18U Alana Lucey
Girl’s Jr 2’s 18U Sophia Antinoro
Girl’s Jr 2’s 18U Sabrina Cady
Girl’s Jr 2’s 18U Gretchen Klossner
Girl’s Jr 2’s 18U Hannah Olmstead
Girl’s Jr 2’s 18U Sydney Lock
Girl’s Jr 2’s 18U Nikki Nudd
Girl’s Jr 2’s 18U Leah Klueber
Girl’s Jr 2’s 18U Jessie Powers
Girls Jr’s 2’s 14U Melissa Jorgensen
Girls Jr’s 2’s 14U Jesse Newmyer
Girls Jr’s 2’s 14U Faith Pasquantonio
Girls Jr’s 2’s 14U Brodie Bostley


Bookings are closed for this event.