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Date(s) - 03/27/2021
8:00 am - 11:00 pm

Hotshots Volleyball Club


Kickin’ It For Cropo 4’s recreation and Intermediate/ Advanced 3’s


We have all heard of the tragic news of our beloved mutual friend Justin Cropo who sadly passed away this past January. He was a friend, long time employee, and a personality here at Hot Shots that everyone was drawn to. There is not a person in our volleyball community that did not know and love Justin. Everyone was affected when they heard of his passing and it only makes sense to celebrate his although short, but mazing life that Cropo lived so spectacularly. Hot Shots will be hosting 3 tournaments today to help raise money for a charity that we all know Justin would have loved to support.

Recreation 4’s-8:30am check in

Intermediate 4’s 11:30am Check in

Advanced 3’s 2:30pm Check in


Today will be a full day so read carefully and maybe twice! We have 3 separate tournaments happening starting at different times throughout the day. We will have raffle baskets for all to purchase tickets and get a chance to win. All proceeds of course will go right towards the charity. We will have live music for your entertainment. In addition, for anyone not interested in playing volleyball, we will have corn hole boards set up to play (free of charge). The raffle tickets will be available starting the week prior in case you are unable to make the event. Hot Shots will display the baskets and prizes in the display case so they are available during the week to begin donations. Looking for another way to donate? We would love for those who are able to donate a gift basket to help raise money on behalf of Justin. Please contact JoJO with any questions or details about donating a basket or raffle prize. In case you would like to stay home. But still be a part of the action from a distance. Hot Shots will be announcing the winners of any baskets on Facebook Live. So, you will not have to be present for the drawings.

The NOVA Fee is not required for this event.

Teams as of 3/24

recreation: Full!!

Jason Jackowiec/Dana Grinnell/Dan Bayley/Jill Bayley

Jillian Ricci/Jaime Culp/Stacy B/TBD

John Haag/Mariah Borlaug/Coty Patrizi/Alissa Borlaug

Cassidy Oswald/Cameron Bracken/Kyle Kirchgraber/Jack Flechaus

Jennifer G/Maria Torres/Christina Katz/John Augberger

Paige Reed/Kenny Curtin/Theresa Barrett/Tyre Smith

Dave Greco/Kelley Greco/Connor ODonoghue/Nicole Mazerbo

Emmiline Pipech/Rick Dalton/Amanda Dial/Eddie Aro

Janice Embury/Luke Shaffer/Tony Terradas/Alex

Alex Hughes/John Donovon/Eric Frazier/Jimmy Combs


Intermediate: Full!!!

Tj Tortalice/TBD/TBD/TBD

David Paniccia/Steve Ashman/TBD/TBD

Jacob Bliss/Clark Burris/Rob Niertit/Kay Pfleghardt

Brendan Merna/Zach Brown/Lauren Mulvehill/Kate White

Russ Tartaglia/Marcy Pontius/Bill Best/Nick Tartaglia

Matt McGuinness/Jess McGuinness/Ray Voelkl/Jimmy Combs

Mike Dank/Hilary Dank/Eben Meyer/Trisha Masten

Nicole Bell/Phil Zuber/Kristina Kizer/Fabrizio Molinini

Diana Frank/Brittni Engels/Neil Weaver/Scott Berend

Chad Hursey/ Melissa Turner/Greg Humphrey/Matt Mcclure

Alex Barber/Alex Johnson/Nick Wynne/Dakota Morrison

Sarah Ventura/Aravinth Mathuranayagam/Bruce Lee/Brandon Chanthalima

Cooper Mehlenbacher/Scott Prindle/TBD/TBD

Meghan Goodwin/Gert Gibson/Patrick Goodwin/TBD

Meghan Jones/Margan Bills/Tom Campbell/Luke Ferruzza


Stefan Mickol/Mike Voelkl/Adam Dake

Brandon Waas/Nick Mickol/Ethan Dangler/Mike Ellison

Bill Gerew/Matt Strobel/Mark Reynolds

Tyler Farnung/Collin Mahan/Eddie Daoreuang

Kyle Coburn/Sean Dillon/Cam Bro

Bryan Eckler/Jake Gleason/Alex Houghtalen

Ben Mether/John Bacardi Party/Evan Smith





Bookings are closed for this event.