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Date(s) - 07/08/2023
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Ellison Park


We all know about this event!! It’s our famous annual Grass 4’s volleyball tournament to help raise money for Lollypop farm.  We’ve been running this event for over 10 years now and it keeps growing each year. We have Divisions for every level. (Recreation, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Women’s, Open, and of course Juniors) This event will begin check in at 7:30 am. We will be sending all pools out by 8:30am. Please make sure your entire team has checked in before 8:30am.  The NOVA Fee is not required for this event. We can not wait to have a fun filled day of great volleyball, music, and food. Don’t forget!! Lollypop farm will be bringing pets that are up for adoption.

*if you have any team member updates or questions regarding the tournament please contact the nova phone (585) 233-4243. Call or text!

Teams as of: 7/06

Advanced 4’s Cam Milligan
Advanced 4’s Kyle Zalesko
Advanced 4’s Billy Wieberg
Advanced 4’s Zach C.
Advanced 4’s  Zach Schneider
Advanced 4’s  Eddie D
Advanced 4’s  Troy Gooch
Advanced 4’s  Rob Patzer
Advanced 4’s Christopher Kiripolsky
Advanced 4’s Thomas Stewart
Advanced 4’s Tim n/a
Advanced 4’s Dave n/a
Advanced 4’s  Mav Oneill
Advanced 4’s  Jack  Rooney
Advanced 4’s  Ben  W
Advanced 4’s  Ian Dewilde
Advanced 4’s Jake Gleason
Advanced 4’s Ryan McDonough
Advanced 4’s Henry Gorton
Advanced 4’s TBD TBD
Advanced 4’s  Zachary  Zian
Advanced 4’s  Anthony  Pezzino 
Advanced 4’s  Nolan  Feidt
Advanced 4’s  Quinn Moore
Advanced 4’s Evan Ingerick
Advanced 4’s Jake Baker
Advanced 4’s Griff Stella
Advanced 4’s Graham Broadsky
Advanced 4’s  Rob  Sarneckis
Advanced 4’s  Chris  DeLucie
Advanced 4’s  Tyler  Pizzichemi
Advanced 4’s  Jake Kemp
Advanced 4’s Alex Bertino
Advanced 4’s AJ Burda
Advanced 4’s Sean Dillon
Advanced 4’s Trevor Gooch
Advanced 4’s  Stefan Mickol
Advanced 4’s  Adam Dake
Advanced 4’s  Carter Dittman
Advanced 4’s  Owen Wickens
Advanced 4’s Rich Pollock
Advanced 4’s Colby Sangry
Advanced 4’s Justin Butler
Advanced 4’s Jared Berg
Advanced 4’s  Rob  Evangelista
Advanced 4’s  Gabe  LaRobardiere
Advanced 4’s  Trace  LaRobardiere
Advanced 4’s  Brandon  Millias 
Advanced 4’s Mike Krueger
Advanced 4’s Eli Irizarry
Advanced 4’s Henry Moffitt
Advanced 4’s Jake Couzens
Advanced 4’s  Tom Chamberlain 
Advanced 4’s  Jordan Ingerick
Advanced 4’s  Neil Weaver
Advanced 4’s  Jon Garv
Advanced 4’s Matt Nally
Advanced 4’s Riley Dolan
Advanced 4’s Jamie Wolmering
Advanced 4’s AJ Logosh
Advanced 4’s  Aidan  Calhoun
Advanced 4’s  Henry  Heeps
Advanced 4’s  Carter Durivage
Advanced 4’s  Ethan  Weislo 
Advanced 4’s Chad Hursey
Advanced 4’s John Bacardi
Advanced 4’s Paul Hackford
Advanced 4’s Matt Beiter


Womens 4’s Jessica Calzolari
Womens 4’s Valerie Vanhosen
Womens 4’s Dakota Morrison
Womens 4’s Amanda Haller
Womens 4’s  Shelby Poole
Womens 4’s  Ashley Marie
Womens 4’s  Yufei He
Womens 4’s  Gracie TBD
Womens 4’s Liz Szklany
Womens 4’s Sara Ward
Womens 4’s Sarah Studwell
Womens 4’s Heidi Farro-Ferreri
Womens 4’s  Natalie Peacock
Womens 4’s  Izzy Crow
Womens 4’s  Abby Spector
Womens 4’s  Annabella Regan 
Womens 4’s Krista Maltzahn
Womens 4’s Amanda Malone
Womens 4’s Brooke Wessells
Womens 4’s Grace Jacobs
Womens 4’s  Christina Pelletier
Womens 4’s  Tallis Polashenski
Womens 4’s  Brit Pietrzykowski 
Womens 4’s  Marisa Turner 
Womens 4’s Courtney Poirier
Womens 4’s Rachel Poirier
Womens 4’s Noelle Poloncarz
Womens 4’s Maryellen Devic
Womens 4’s  Kelsey M
Womens 4’s  Sav B
Womens 4’s  Alea S
Womens 4’s  Taylor H
Womens 4’s Diana Frank
Womens 4’s Jill Van Cott
Womens 4’s Emmeline Pipech
Womens 4’s Amanda Johnson
Womens 4’s  Carly Kretchmer
Womens 4’s  Maddy Shuler
Womens 4’s  Meg LeBaron
Womens 4’s  Bri Donlon
Womens 4’s Ellie Benedict
Womens 4’s Carson Tyler
Womens 4’s Andrea Coyle
Womens 4’s Christa Mickol
Womens 4’s  Maddie  Palmer 
Womens 4’s  Dani Saylor 
Womens 4’s  Sarah Pray
Womens 4’s  Kat Vernon
Womens 4’s Bri Spears
Womens 4’s Cady Messmer
Womens 4’s Carrie Peters
Womens 4’s Tayler Schweigel
Womens 4’s  Lindsay Hernady
Womens 4’s  Shelby Budnick
Womens 4’s  Rachel Holmes
Womens 4’s  TBD n/a
Womens 4’s Gabby Rivera
Womens 4’s Leahana Keeling
Womens 4’s Brooke Segars
Womens 4’s Rileigh Kimball
Womens 4’s  Chrissy  Allen
Womens 4’s  Shawna Laemlein 
Womens 4’s  Leah Hill
Womens 4’s  Alyssa Phillips


Upper Intermediate 4’s Jacob Mages
Upper Intermediate 4’s Lucas Mages
Upper Intermediate 4’s Paul Binner
Upper Intermediate 4’s Jackson Shafer
Upper Intermediate 4’s Declan Claeys
Upper Intermediate 4’s Nick Tartaglia
Upper Intermediate 4’s Shaun Turner
Upper Intermediate 4’s Abby Muir
Upper Intermediate 4’s Andréa Green
Upper Intermediate 4’s Eván Smith
Upper Intermediate 4’s Zách Brown
Upper Intermediate 4’s Matéo Strobel
Upper Intermediate 4’s Kay Pfleghardt
Upper Intermediate 4’s Ben Ben Metzger
Upper Intermediate 4’s Ben Summit
Upper Intermediate 4’s Bubba Buffalo
Upper Intermediate 4’s Gavin Record
Upper Intermediate 4’s Emily Cottrell
Upper Intermediate 4’s Gage Record
Upper Intermediate 4’s Kamren Record
Upper Intermediate 4’s Ben B
Upper Intermediate 4’s Kevin P
Upper Intermediate 4’s Manny C
Upper Intermediate 4’s Tommy G
Upper Intermediate 4’s Greg Hump
Upper Intermediate 4’s Gike Hump
Upper Intermediate 4’s Ian Hump
Upper Intermediate 4’s Jilly poo  Hump
Upper Intermediate 4’s Ray Voelkl
Upper Intermediate 4’s Jeff McGuiness
Upper Intermediate 4’s Matt McGuinness
Upper Intermediate 4’s Ben DeLaCruz
Upper Intermediate 4’s Danielle Chipre
Upper Intermediate 4’s Sean Fleming
Upper Intermediate 4’s Matt Sutherland
Upper Intermediate 4’s Sheldon Swift
Upper Intermediate 4’s Ken Shultes
Upper Intermediate 4’s Seth Welker
Upper Intermediate 4’s Mike Coburn
Upper Intermediate 4’s Chris Mowery
Upper Intermediate 4’s Tyler Cohen
Upper Intermediate 4’s Mike Dhalle
Upper Intermediate 4’s Abby Dhalle
Upper Intermediate 4’s Jake Tbd
Upper Intermediate 4’s Jackson Camblin
Upper Intermediate 4’s Josh Weaver
Upper Intermediate 4’s Andrew Horan
Upper Intermediate 4’s Anthony Caimano
Upper Intermediate 4’s Matt Adams
Upper Intermediate 4’s Zack Salisbury
Upper Intermediate 4’s Sina Jarahizadeh
Upper Intermediate 4’s TBD TBD


Intermediate 4’s  Clark Burris
Intermediate 4’s  Rob Niertit
Intermediate 4’s  Cooper Mehlenbacher
Intermediate 4’s  Kenny Curtain
Intermediate 4’s Paul Lampanaro
Intermediate 4’s Mike Pulver
Intermediate 4’s Billy DeHond
Intermediate 4’s Someone Equally Bad
Intermediate 4’s  Lauren Mulvehill
Intermediate 4’s  Brendan  Merna
Intermediate 4’s  Alex  Haag
Intermediate 4’s  Zack Calabrese
Intermediate 4’s Sam Gaetano
Intermediate 4’s Wes Smith
Intermediate 4’s Luke Schafer
Intermediate 4’s Casey Galleto
Intermediate 4’s  Pat Williams
Intermediate 4’s  Dan Bayley
Intermediate 4’s  Dan Crowely
Intermediate 4’s  Coty Patrizi
Intermediate 4’s Fabrizio Molinini
Intermediate 4’s Son Tran
Intermediate 4’s Todd Allen
Intermediate 4’s Kristina Kizer
Intermediate 4’s  Carly Jackson
Intermediate 4’s  Sarah Bonzo
Intermediate 4’s  John  Bonzo
Intermediate 4’s  Ben  Nagle
Intermediate 4’s Thomas Polech
Intermediate 4’s Emily Polech
Intermediate 4’s Russ Smith
Intermediate 4’s Amy Lorenc
Intermediate 4’s  Bill Melick
Intermediate 4’s  R G
Intermediate 4’s  Tbd Smith
Intermediate 4’s  TBD  Miller
Intermediate 4’s Phil Smith
Intermediate 4’s Dave VanHousen
Intermediate 4’s Noah McGhee
Intermediate 4’s Alex Chefalo
Intermediate 4’s  Kate Brown 
Intermediate 4’s  Mel  Turner 
Intermediate 4’s  Chris  Heart 
Intermediate 4’s  Luke  ?? 
Intermediate 4’s Calvin Gonzalez
Intermediate 4’s n/a n/a
Intermediate 4’s n/a n/a
Intermediate 4’s n/a n/a
Intermediate 4’s  Steve Ashman
Intermediate 4’s  Mike Kelly
Intermediate 4’s  Jose Doty
Intermediate 4’s  Matt James
Intermediate 4’s Ricky Hughson
Intermediate 4’s Nick Sandhu
Intermediate 4’s John Doan
Intermediate 4’s Marcus Davic
Intermediate 4’s  Graham Love
Intermediate 4’s  Tim Haack
Intermediate 4’s  Matt Zacardo
Intermediate 4’s  The Fourth
Intermediate 4’s Kevin Tesch
Intermediate 4’s Justin Carroll
Intermediate 4’s Casey Galletto
Intermediate 4’s Corey Shufelt
Intermediate 4’s  Dave Tang
Intermediate 4’s  James Tang
Intermediate 4’s  Nicholas  Tang
Intermediate 4’s  Zack Morley
Intermediate 4’s Cassidy Oswald
Intermediate 4’s Erin Parkinson
Intermediate 4’s Joey Accorso
Intermediate 4’s Bryan D
Intermediate 4’s  Luis M
Intermediate 4’s  Luis R
Intermediate 4’s  Cristopher M
Intermediate 4’s  Greg M
Intermediate 4’s Kimberly LeRoy
Intermediate 4’s Stephen Tarasek
Intermediate 4’s Thomas LeRoy
Intermediate 4’s Kyle O’Hara
Intermediate 4’s  Phil Zuber
Intermediate 4’s  Nate Zuber
Intermediate 4’s  Kaden Zuber
Intermediate 4’s  RussTart Zuber
Intermediate 4’s Jake Fusare
Intermediate 4’s Grant Hernady
Intermediate 4’s Ally McFadden
Intermediate 4’s Julie Cicotta
Intermediate 4’s  Mike Finger
Intermediate 4’s  Ed Chapman
Intermediate 4’s  Casey Whittel
Intermediate 4’s  Darren Dixon
Intermediate 4’s  Francisco De Jesus Andino
Intermediate 4’s Gordon Simpson
Intermediate 4’s Manuel Pena
Intermediate 4’s Megan Moody
Intermediate 4’s Greg Niewiemski
Intermediate 4’s  Brian Ledwith
Intermediate 4’s  Joey Angelico
Intermediate 4’s  Lexi Thompson
Intermediate 4’s  Mike Sweltz
Intermediate 4’s Rainier G
Intermediate 4’s Colin F
Intermediate 4’s Dario D
Intermediate 4’s TBD n/a
Intermediate 4’s  Dominic Rosen
Intermediate 4’s  Stephanie Ali
Intermediate 4’s  Tanios Sarkis
Intermediate 4’s  TBD n/a
Intermediate 4’s Mke Adams
Intermediate 4’s Carin Adams
Intermediate 4’s Erik Randall
Intermediate 4’s Ian Cavellier


Recreation 4’s Donnie Shearing
Recreation 4’s Quisha Santos
Recreation 4’s Shane Doe
Recreation 4’s Matt Coffee
Recreation 4’s  Matthew Gunderson
Recreation 4’s  Paige Reed
Recreation 4’s  Jeremy Crane
Recreation 4’s  Mark Thayer
Recreation 4’s Liza Letoshko
Recreation 4’s Jason Ehmann
Recreation 4’s Brittany Vanno
Recreation 4’s Dan Steiner
Recreation 4’s  Chris Monahan
Recreation 4’s  Sherrie Brewer
Recreation 4’s  Lisa Gage
Recreation 4’s  Dana Grinnell
Recreation 4’s Joseph Giannoccaro
Recreation 4’s Jamie Giannoccaro
Recreation 4’s Lexi Kretchmer
Recreation 4’s TBD n/a
Recreation 4’s  Tony Terradas
Recreation 4’s  Eric Frazier
Recreation 4’s  Janice Embury
Recreation 4’s  John Donovan
Recreation 4’s Nick Senita
Recreation 4’s Ryan Schnaufer
Recreation 4’s Chandler Allen
Recreation 4’s Tyler Mingoia
Recreation 4’s  Justin Gerace
Recreation 4’s  Lyndsey Rowland 
Recreation 4’s  Matt  Grace
Recreation 4’s  Lemar Leach
Recreation 4’s Emily Orban
Recreation 4’s Anthony Cifarelli
Recreation 4’s Frank Lattuca
Recreation 4’s Peter Albanese
Recreation 4’s  Valerie Intini
Recreation 4’s  Bryan Minguez
Recreation 4’s  Jaime Minguez
Recreation 4’s  TBD TBD
Recreation 4’s Haley Case
Recreation 4’s Ashlee Schulz
Recreation 4’s Louis Reynolds
Recreation 4’s Jason Schulz
Recreation 4’s  Laura Claeys
Recreation 4’s  Caitlin  Claeys
Recreation 4’s  TBD n/a
Recreation 4’s  TBD n/a
Recreation 4’s Britney Merriman
Recreation 4’s Matt Sharp
Recreation 4’s Edward Mattle
Recreation 4’s Jenn Knaak
Recreation 4’s  Josh To
Recreation 4’s  Joe Vaccarella
Recreation 4’s  Freddie Laud
Recreation 4’s  Zander Blasingame
Recreation 4’s Oliver Crain
Recreation 4’s Erin Christensen
Recreation 4’s Maria Atkinson
Recreation 4’s Mitesh Amin
Recreation 4’s  Jon Derrenbacher
Recreation 4’s  Meghan  Connor
Recreation 4’s  Ron Roseman
Recreation 4’s  Shae Kelly-Buckley
Recreation 4’s  TBD  n/a
Recreation 4’s Nicole Wyllie
Recreation 4’s Andy Benjamin
Recreation 4’s Andy Kirchgraber
Recreation 4’s Kyle Kirchgraber
Recreation 4’s  Karson Bates
Recreation 4’s  Solen Clark
Recreation 4’s  Emily Trot
Recreation 4’s  Meg Kreger
Recreation 4’s Scot X
Recreation 4’s Erin X
Recreation 4’s Travis X
Recreation 4’s Jayha X
Recreation 4’s  Michelle Graupman 
Recreation 4’s  Jon Graupman 
Recreation 4’s  Nate Ford
Recreation 4’s  Scott Bundonis 
Recreation 4’s Allison Denk
Recreation 4’s Chris Goodman
Recreation 4’s Jermel Brown
Recreation 4’s Elaina Foley
Recreation 4’s  Kelly  Matison
Recreation 4’s  Joel Matison
Recreation 4’s  Hunter Drews
Recreation 4’s  MacKenzie  Mynter
Recreation 4’s Cory F
Recreation 4’s Kenzie B
Recreation 4’s Andrew B
Recreation 4’s Tyler C
Recreation 4’s  Quan Cao
Recreation 4’s  Aidan Nolan
Recreation 4’s  Zach Conn
Recreation 4’s  Austin Hart
Recreation 4’s Katie Dokus
Recreation 4’s Brooke England
Recreation 4’s Kristen P
Recreation 4’s Jaime P
Recreation 4’s  Michael Ferro
Recreation 4’s  Becca Post
Recreation 4’s  Stephen DeVay
Recreation 4’s  Gavin Simpson



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