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Date(s) - 07/13/2024
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Ellison Park


We all know about this event!! It’s our famous annual Grass 4’s volleyball tournament to help raise money for Lollypop farm.  We’ve been running this event for over 10 years now and it keeps growing each year. We have Divisions for every level. (Recreation, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Women’s, Open, and of course Juniors) This event will begin check in at 7:30 am. We will be sending all pools out by 8:30am. Please make sure your entire team has checked in before 8:30am.  The NOVA Fee is not required for this event. We can not wait to have a fun filled day of great volleyball, music, and food. Don’t forget!! Lollypop farm will be bringing pets that are up for adoption.

*if you have any team member updates or questions regarding the tournament please contact the nova phone (585) 233-4243. Call or text!

Teams as of: 6/13/24

Advanced 4’s Zach Shcneider
Advanced 4’s Eddie D
Advanced 4’s Ryan Sumo
Advanced 4’s Tim Ferriter


Womens 4’s Alissa Borlaug
Womens 4’s Mariah Borlaug
Womens 4’s Megan Jones
Womens 4’s Jessica Calzolari
Womens 4’s  Savannah Bothner
Womens 4’s  Alea Steigerwald
Womens 4’s  Madi Wickens
Womens 4’s  Taylor Higgins
Womens 4’s Shae Antonicelli
Womens 4’s Carly Kretchmer
Womens 4’s Meg Lebaron
Womens 4’s Erin Mansfield
Womens 4’s  Dayna Edholm
Womens 4’s  Erika Edholm
Womens 4’s  Lauren Hubert
Womens 4’s  Almaris Miranda
Womens 4’s Valerie Vanhoesen
Womens 4’s Katie Goerl
Womens 4’s Dakota Morrison
Womens 4’s Symantha Johnson


Upper Intermediate 4’s Nick Tartaglia
Upper Intermediate 4’s Declan Claeys
Upper Intermediate 4’s Shaun Turner
Upper Intermediate 4’s Abbey Muir
Upper Intermediate 4’s Sam Zagrobelny 
Upper Intermediate 4’s Thomas Zagrobelny 
Upper Intermediate 4’s Russell Zagrobelny 
Upper Intermediate 4’s Jack Zagrobelny 
Upper Intermediate 4’s Eric Marecki
Upper Intermediate 4’s Istehad Uddin
Upper Intermediate 4’s Tyler Hassell
Upper Intermediate 4’s Dave Pachla
Upper Intermediate 4’s Ricky Hughson
Upper Intermediate 4’s Marcus Davic
Upper Intermediate 4’s John Doan
Upper Intermediate 4’s Ben Zipprich


Intermediate 4’s Clark Burris
Intermediate 4’s Cooper Mehlenbacher
Intermediate 4’s Kenny Curtain
Intermediate 4’s Colin Ferguson
Intermediate 4’s  Paul Lampanaro
Intermediate 4’s  Conner Vangellow
Intermediate 4’s  Parker Vangellow
Intermediate 4’s  To Be Determined
Intermediate 4’s Monica Brower
Intermediate 4’s Matt That shit coffey
Intermediate 4’s Gio Gio
Intermediate 4’s Manny Sucks at bartending
Intermediate 4’s  Nick senita
Intermediate 4’s  Sam Zagrobelny
Intermediate 4’s  Thomas Jefferson
Intermediate 4’s  John Hancock
Intermediate 4’s Shaun McCurdy
Intermediate 4’s Jeremy Hutchinson
Intermediate 4’s Rainier Garnica
Intermediate 4’s Katie TBD
Intermediate 4’s  Mathew whiting
Intermediate 4’s  rob wilkie
Intermediate 4’s  joe  doty
Intermediate 4’s  mike kelly
Intermediate 4’s Mark Halecki
Intermediate 4’s Aaron Neininger
Intermediate 4’s Tim Haack
Intermediate 4’s Jack Broderick
Intermediate 4’s  Justin Gerace
Intermediate 4’s  Matt Burgos
Intermediate 4’s  Lyndsey Rowland
Intermediate 4’s  Corrine  n/a
Intermediate 4’s Eric Urbanek
Intermediate 4’s Mike Moore
Intermediate 4’s Ethan Urbanek
Intermediate 4’s John Kujawinski
Intermediate 4’s  Sara Martin
Intermediate 4’s  Abby Higgins
Intermediate 4’s  Mike Dhalle
Intermediate 4’s  TBD TBD
Intermediate 4’s Dan Bayley
Intermediate 4’s Blake Dowdle
Intermediate 4’s Ken Shultes
Intermediate 4’s Julia Kellogg
Intermediate 4’s  Steve Phillips
Intermediate 4’s  Jeff Hay
Intermediate 4’s  Tim Williams
Intermediate 4’s  Dan Palant



Recreation 4’s Travis Collins
Recreation 4’s Nick Moore
Recreation 4’s Kyle Mihaljevic
Recreation 4’s John MacArthur
Recreation 4’s  Andrew Chiang
Recreation 4’s  Alex  Haag
Recreation 4’s  Coty Patrizi
Recreation 4’s  Sesenta  Nueve 
Recreation 4’s Andrew Kirchgraber
Recreation 4’s Nicole Kirchgraber
Recreation 4’s Kyle Kirchgraber
Recreation 4’s Andrew Benjamin
Recreation 4’s  Hannah Kmiecinski 
Recreation 4’s  Mac Keehfus
Recreation 4’s  Tony Delork
Recreation 4’s  Dillon Hall


Ticket Type Price Spaces
Recreation 4's
Fee total $180 Additional players $45
Intermediate 4's
Fee total $180 Additional players $45
Upper Intermediate 4's
Fee total $180 Additional players $45
Advanced 4's
Fee total $180 Additional players $45
Womens 4's
Fee total $180 Additional players $45
Corn Hole-Backyard style play
Doubles Corn Hole-11am-5pm
Corn Hole-Pro Level
Doubles Corn Hole 11am-5pm