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Date(s) - 07/09/2022
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Ellison Park


We all know what this event is about! This is our ___annual LollyPalooza event. It’s a great way to raise money for Lollypop Farm and the animals in need. Every year we help find multiple animals their forever homes through this event. This is our second largest event of the year and we love to see it grow every year. This year will be no different. We will have divisions for every level of player, music, and food. Don’t forget! This is a family event. So, bring the kids, the dogs, and plan for a fun filled day. Check in for this event ill begin at 8a.m. We will be starting right at 9. To keep things on time, please make sure to be checked in by 8:30. Walk ups are welcome. But!, Please do your best to register online to help us with planning. The NOVA Fee is required for this event. See everyone there!

Teams as of 5/16

Advanced 4’s Ethan Williams
Advanced 4’s Carter Dittman
Advanced 4’s Kyle Zelasko
Advanced 4’s Cameron Milligan


Intermediate 4’s Laura Bryan
Intermediate 4’s Loni LaPoint
Intermediate 4’s Casey Cardillo
Intermediate 4’s Maria Waas
Intermediate 4’s  Amanda  Johnson 
Intermediate 4’s  Mitch  Larkin
Intermediate 4’s  Abbey Muir 
Intermediate 4’s  Cameron  Bracken 
Intermediate 4’s Stacy Bonacci
Intermediate 4’s Megan Moody
Intermediate 4’s Manuel Pena
Intermediate 4’s Gordon Simpson
Intermediate 4’s  John Haag
Intermediate 4’s  Sam  G
Intermediate 4’s  Zack Calabrese
Intermediate 4’s  TbD n/a
Intermediate 4’s Clark Burris
Intermediate 4’s Seth Welker
Intermediate 4’s Rob Niertit
Intermediate 4’s Kenny Curtin
Intermediate 4’s  Chris Manioci
Intermediate 4’s  Brook Manioci
Intermediate 4’s  Nico Kloss
Intermediate 4’s  Jamie Larson
Intermediate 4’s Rick Lu
Intermediate 4’s Shawna Rae
Intermediate 4’s Fabrizio Molinini
Intermediate 4’s Jared Kiser
Intermediate 4’s  Ricky Hughson
Intermediate 4’s  John Doan
Intermediate 4’s  Jeremy Snelgrove
Intermediate 4’s  Tobe Decided



Recreation 4’s Jason Ketcherside
Recreation 4’s TBD n/a
Recreation 4’s TBD n/a
Recreation 4’s TBD n/a
Recreation 4’s  Joseph Giannoccaro
Recreation 4’s  Laura  Claeys 
Recreation 4’s  Jamie Giannoccaro
Recreation 4’s  TBD  n/a
Recreation 4’s Paul Lampanaro
Recreation 4’s Jose Barbosa
Recreation 4’s Nick Senita
Recreation 4’s TBD TBD
Recreation 4’s  Liza Letoshko
Recreation 4’s  Jason Ehmann
Recreation 4’s  Dan Steiner
Recreation 4’s  Skylor Ou Yang
Recreation 4’s Theresa Barrett
Recreation 4’s Matthew Gunderson
Recreation 4’s Paige Reed
Recreation 4’s Jeremy Crane
Recreation 4’s  Todd  Sheppard
Recreation 4’s  Megan Karpie
Recreation 4’s  Josh Rubin
Recreation 4’s  Frank Genese



Upper Intermediate 4’s Andrew Winkelman
Upper Intermediate 4’s Jake Bliss
Upper Intermediate 4’s Jon Garvey
Upper Intermediate 4’s Mike Pulver
Upper Intermediate 4’s Christopher Fantauzzo
Upper Intermediate 4’s Wes Smith
Upper Intermediate 4’s TBD n/a
Upper Intermediate 4’s TBD n/a
Upper Intermediate 4’s Chris Mowery
Upper Intermediate 4’s Sarah Ward
Upper Intermediate 4’s Brad Flower
Upper Intermediate 4’s Sarah Studwell


Womens 4’s Valerie VanHoesen
Womens 4’s Dakota Morrison
Womens 4’s Amanda Haller
Womens 4’s Jessica Calzolari
Womens 4’s  Lauren Mulvehill
Womens 4’s  Brit Pietrzykowski
Womens 4’s  Megan Jones
Womens 4’s  Gina McGrath
Womens 4’s rylee bergeron
Womens 4’s jasmine brundage
Womens 4’s emma wlostowski
Womens 4’s tbd tbd
Womens 4’s  Courtney Poirier
Womens 4’s  Rachel Poirier
Womens 4’s  Noelle Poloncarz
Womens 4’s  Maryellen Devic



Ticket Type Price Spaces
Recreation 4's
Fee total $160 Additional players $40
Intermediate 4's
Fee total $160 Additional players $40
Upper Intermediate 4's
Fee total $160 Additional players $40
Advanced 4's
Fee total $160 Additional players $40
Womens 4's
Fee total $160 Additional players $40