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Date(s) - 07/09/2022
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Ellison Park


We all know what this event is about! This is our ___annual LollyPalooza event. It’s a great way to raise money for Lollypop Farm and the animals in need. Every year we help find multiple animals their forever homes through this event. This is our second largest event of the year and we love to see it grow every year. This year will be no different. We will have divisions for every level of player, music, and food. Don’t forget! This is a family event. So, bring the kids, the dogs, and plan for a fun filled day. Check in for this event ill begin at 8a.m. We will be starting right at 9. To keep things on time, please make sure to be checked in by 8:30. Walk ups are welcome. But!, Please do your best to register online to help us with planning. The NOVA Fee is required for this event. See everyone there!

Teams as of 7/07

Advanced 4’s Ethan Williams
Advanced 4’s Carter Dittman
Advanced 4’s Kyle Zelasko
Advanced 4’s Cameron Milligan
Advanced 4’s  Sam Bittker
Advanced 4’s  Brannon Perdicho
Advanced 4’s  Randy Bitner
Advanced 4’s  Tyler Farnung
Advanced 4’s Jason Aldrich
Advanced 4’s Derrick Burgess
Advanced 4’s Henry Gorton
Advanced 4’s Eben Meyer
Advanced 4’s  Garrett Kirk
Advanced 4’s  Evan  Smith
Advanced 4’s  Ben Metzger
Advanced 4’s  Thay Vang
Advanced 4’s Trace LaRobardiere
Advanced 4’s Jake Baker
Advanced 4’s Brandon Millias
Advanced 4’s Anthony Pezzino
Advanced 4’s  Gabe  LaRobardiere
Advanced 4’s  Adian  Calhoun
Advanced 4’s  Casey Jackson
Advanced 4’s  Tbd n/a
Advanced 4’s Nick Mickol
Advanced 4’s Mike Ellison
Advanced 4’s Bryan Eckler
Advanced 4’s Kyle Coburn
Advanced 4’s  Ethan Dangler
Advanced 4’s  Dan Mowery
Advanced 4’s  Brandon Waas
Advanced 4’s  Riley Dolan
Advanced 4’s  TBD TBD
Advanced 4’s Jamie Wolmering
Advanced 4’s AJ Logosh
Advanced 4’s Luke Lewatch
Advanced 4’s Owen Wickens
Advanced 4’s  Jake Gleason
Advanced 4’s  Tom Keisling
Advanced 4’s  Paul Hackford
Advanced 4’s  Jake Couzens
Advanced 4’s Steve Garner
Advanced 4’s Todd Luther
Advanced 4’s Ryan Huberty
Advanced 4’s Andy Mink
Advanced 4’s  Zach Schneider
Advanced 4’s  Troy  Gooch
Advanced 4’s  Rob Patzer
Advanced 4’s  Eddie  Daoreuang
Advanced 4’s Ayden Herreid
Advanced 4’s Ryan Hutcherson
Advanced 4’s Duncan Tenhagen
Advanced 4’s Bennett Petrick
Advanced 4’s  Alex Houghtalen
Advanced 4’s  Sean Dillon
Advanced 4’s  Hans Schroeder
Advanced 4’s  Jake Kemp
Advanced 4’s  Rob Saraneckis 
Advanced 4’s Ryan Guyton
Advanced 4’s Connor Booth
Advanced 4’s Doug Horbachewski
Advanced 4’s Shane Wenz



Intermediate 4’s Laura Bryan
Intermediate 4’s Loni LaPoint
Intermediate 4’s Casey Cardillo
Intermediate 4’s Maria Waas
Intermediate 4’s  Amanda  Johnson 
Intermediate 4’s  Mitch  Larkin
Intermediate 4’s  Abbey Muir 
Intermediate 4’s  Cameron  Bracken 
Intermediate 4’s  John Haag
Intermediate 4’s  Sam  G
Intermediate 4’s  Zack Calabrese
Intermediate 4’s  TbD n/a
Intermediate 4’s Clark Burris
Intermediate 4’s Seth Welker
Intermediate 4’s Rob Niertit
Intermediate 4’s Kenny Curtin
Intermediate 4’s  Chris Manioci
Intermediate 4’s  Brook Manioci
Intermediate 4’s  Nico Kloss
Intermediate 4’s  Jamie Larson
Intermediate 4’s Rick Lu
Intermediate 4’s Shawna Rae
Intermediate 4’s Fabrizio Molinini
Intermediate 4’s Jared Kiser
Intermediate 4’s  Ricky Hughson
Intermediate 4’s  John Doan
Intermediate 4’s  Jeremy Snelgrove
Intermediate 4’s  Tobe Decided
Intermediate 4’s Connor ODon
Intermediate 4’s Mel Turner
Intermediate 4’s Chris Harte
Intermediate 4’s Kate Mocha
Intermediate 4’s  Ryan Harris
Intermediate 4’s  Brandon  Lee
Intermediate 4’s  Phoebe Slothower
Intermediate 4’s  Tim Slothower
Intermediate 4’s Matthew Cardot
Intermediate 4’s Jessica n/a
Intermediate 4’s Daniel n/a
Intermediate 4’s Blake n/a
Intermediate 4’s  Quisha Santos
Intermediate 4’s  Deatryc Silsby
Intermediate 4’s  Rick Caesar
Intermediate 4’s  Shane Sullivan
Intermediate 4’s Jason Rotoli
Intermediate 4’s Roberto Gonzalez
Intermediate 4’s Bill Melick
Intermediate 4’s Bill Gerew
Intermediate 4’s  Zach Calabrese
Intermediate 4’s  Mariah Patrizi
Intermediate 4’s  Mathew  Whiting
Intermediate 4’s  Alex Cassidy
Intermediate 4’s Luis Morales
Intermediate 4’s Nayomie Ferrer
Intermediate 4’s Bruce Lee
Intermediate 4’s Keturah Gregory
Intermediate 4’s  Shelby Poole
Intermediate 4’s  Alex Pera
Intermediate 4’s  Bryan Witt
Intermediate 4’s  TBD TBD
Intermediate 4’s Jeremy Hutchinson
Intermediate 4’s Micah Clark
Intermediate 4’s Ashley Leger
Intermediate 4’s Jess n/a
Intermediate 4’s  Alex  Johnson 
Intermediate 4’s  Nick Wynne
Intermediate 4’s  Alex  Barber
Intermediate 4’s  Alyssa  Smith
Intermediate 4’s Luke Shafer
Intermediate 4’s Carly Jackson
Intermediate 4’s Mike Kelly
Intermediate 4’s Mike Coburn n/a
Intermediate 4’s  grace crounse
Intermediate 4’s  sarina  pasquantonio
Intermediate 4’s  carter  pete
Intermediate 4’s  nate farnham 
Intermediate 4’s Bill Best
Intermediate 4’s Katie Mazierski
Intermediate 4’s Ashley Agan
Intermediate 4’s Russ Tartaglia
Intermediate 4’s  Mike Finger
Intermediate 4’s  Ed Chapman
Intermediate 4’s  Casey Whittel
Intermediate 4’s  Darren Dixon
Intermediate 4’s Roger Wolford
Intermediate 4’s Noel Bateman
Intermediate 4’s Sierra Stauber
Intermediate 4’s Alex Bateman
Intermediate 4’s  Paul St Denis
Intermediate 4’s  Michael St Denis
Intermediate 4’s  Sammy St Denis
Intermediate 4’s  Tyler St Denis
Intermediate 4’s Mike Adams
Intermediate 4’s Carin Adams
Intermediate 4’s Erik Randall
Intermediate 4’s Ian Cavellier
Intermediate 4’s  Michael Sweltz
Intermediate 4’s  Kristina Kizer
Intermediate 4’s  Brian  Ledwith
Intermediate 4’s  Rick Dugan
Intermediate 4’s TJ Tortatice
Intermediate 4’s Jess Jenkins
Intermediate 4’s Jason Hill
Intermediate 4’s Ben Nally
Intermediate 4’s  Bohdan Krop
Intermediate 4’s  Joel  Krop
Intermediate 4’s  Micah Krop
Intermediate 4’s  Zeke Krop
Intermediate 4’s  Bode Krop



Recreation 4’s Jason Ketcherside
Recreation 4’s TBD n/a
Recreation 4’s TBD n/a
Recreation 4’s TBD n/a
Recreation 4’s  Joseph Giannoccaro
Recreation 4’s  Laura  Claeys 
Recreation 4’s  Jamie Giannoccaro
Recreation 4’s  TBD  n/a
Recreation 4’s Paul Lampanaro
Recreation 4’s Jose Barbosa
Recreation 4’s Nick Senita
Recreation 4’s TBD TBD
Recreation 4’s  Liza Letoshko
Recreation 4’s  Jason Ehmann
Recreation 4’s  Dan Steiner
Recreation 4’s  Skylor Ou Yang
Recreation 4’s Theresa Barrett
Recreation 4’s Matthew Gunderson
Recreation 4’s Paige Reed
Recreation 4’s Jeremy Crane
Recreation 4’s  Todd  Sheppard
Recreation 4’s  Megan Karpie
Recreation 4’s  Josh Rubin
Recreation 4’s  Frank Genese
Recreation 4’s Andrew Kirchgraber
Recreation 4’s Nicole Wyllie
Recreation 4’s Andy Benjamin
Recreation 4’s Chris Claeys
Recreation 4’s  Phil Zuber
Recreation 4’s  Nikki Bell
Recreation 4’s  Nathan Zuber
Recreation 4’s  Kaden Taylor
Recreation 4’s Nick Tartaglia
Recreation 4’s Mikayla Fitch
Recreation 4’s Declan Claeys
Recreation 4’s Zach Sipos
Recreation 4’s  Joshua Saxton
Recreation 4’s  Madi Wickens
Recreation 4’s  Sara Madison
Recreation 4’s  Garrett Quiel
Recreation 4’s  Devin Smith
Recreation 4’s Tanios Sarkis
Recreation 4’s Joel Mattison
Recreation 4’s Phil Smith
Recreation 4’s Edward Monteverde
Recreation 4’s  Ryan Schnaufer
Recreation 4’s  Chandler Allen
Recreation 4’s  Devan Carter
Recreation 4’s  Marquis Carter
Recreation 4’s Stacy Bonacci
Recreation 4’s Megan Moody
Recreation 4’s Manuel Pena
Recreation 4’s Gordan Simpson
Recreation 4’s  Stephen Tarasek
Recreation 4’s  Kimberly LeRoy
Recreation 4’s  Tom LeRoy
Recreation 4’s  Aaron Olek
Recreation 4’s Allison Denk
Recreation 4’s Chris Goodman
Recreation 4’s Lexi Price
Recreation 4’s Ryan Kelly
Recreation 4’s  Owen  Mileham
Recreation 4’s  Lindsey Rowland
Recreation 4’s  Justin  Gerace
Recreation 4’s  Dave  Dave 
Recreation 4’s Hannah Kmiecinski
Recreation 4’s Pat Schuber
Recreation 4’s Shelby Vakiener
Recreation 4’s Mac Keehfus
Recreation 4’s  Jessica Ryan
Recreation 4’s  Daniel Halecki
Recreation 4’s  Aaron Neininger
Recreation 4’s  Ben Wolfling
Recreation 4’s  Mark Halecki
Recreation 4’s Maddie Kusminsky
Recreation 4’s Shelby Gear
Recreation 4’s Brooke England
Recreation 4’s Katie Dukas
Recreation 4’s Kim Eichas



Upper Intermediate 4’s Andrew Winkelman
Upper Intermediate 4’s Jake Bliss
Upper Intermediate 4’s Jon Garvey
Upper Intermediate 4’s Mike Pulver
Upper Intermediate 4’s Christopher Fantauzzo
Upper Intermediate 4’s Wes Smith
Upper Intermediate 4’s TBD n/a
Upper Intermediate 4’s TBD n/a
Upper Intermediate 4’s Chris Mowery
Upper Intermediate 4’s Sarah Ward
Upper Intermediate 4’s Brad Flower
Upper Intermediate 4’s Sarah Studwell
Upper Intermediate 4’s Gavin  Record
Upper Intermediate 4’s Kamren Record
Upper Intermediate 4’s Emily Cottrell
Upper Intermediate 4’s Gage  Record
Upper Intermediate 4’s Sheldon Swift
Upper Intermediate 4’s Danielle Chipre
Upper Intermediate 4’s Sean Fleming
Upper Intermediate 4’s Matt Sutherland
Upper Intermediate 4’s Tom Geyer
Upper Intermediate 4’s Ben Bartosch
Upper Intermediate 4’s Papa Ntorinkansah
Upper Intermediate 4’s Kevin Pond
Upper Intermediate 4’s Jillian Humphrey
Upper Intermediate 4’s Ian Humphrey
Upper Intermediate 4’s Mike Humphrey
Upper Intermediate 4’s Greg Humphrey
Upper Intermediate 4’s Michael Dhalle
Upper Intermediate 4’s Abby Higgins
Upper Intermediate 4’s Bethany Loveless
Upper Intermediate 4’s Tyler Loveless
Upper Intermediate 4’s Jeff McGuinness
Upper Intermediate 4’s Matt McGuinness
Upper Intermediate 4’s Ray Voelkl
Upper Intermediate 4’s Corey Wiktorski
Upper Intermediate 4’s John McCarty
Upper Intermediate 4’s Neil  Weaver 
Upper Intermediate 4’s Chad Hursey
Upper Intermediate 4’s Scott Berend
Upper Intermediate 4’s Eric Tuttle
Upper Intermediate 4’s Paul Tuttle
Upper Intermediate 4’s Sam Shutt
Upper Intermediate 4’s Even Inverick
Upper Intermediate 4’s Jordan Mullen
Upper Intermediate 4’s Phil Pellegrino
Upper Intermediate 4’s Andrew Messinger
Upper Intermediate 4’s Carl Holmes
Upper Intermediate 4’s Joshua Gregg
Upper Intermediate 4’s Brendan Palmer
Upper Intermediate 4’s Jon Klossner
Upper Intermediate 4’s Adam Brawn
Upper Intermediate 4’s Chau Nguyen
Upper Intermediate 4’s Cooper still dk how to spell it
Upper Intermediate 4’s Justin Hafner
Upper Intermediate 4’s Shaun Turner


Womens 4’s Valerie VanHoesen
Womens 4’s Dakota Morrison
Womens 4’s Amanda Haller
Womens 4’s Jessica Calzolari
Womens 4’s  Lauren Mulvehill
Womens 4’s  Brit Pietrzykowski
Womens 4’s  Megan Jones
Womens 4’s  Gina McGrath
Womens 4’s rylee bergeron
Womens 4’s jasmine brundage
Womens 4’s emma wlostowski
Womens 4’s tbd tbd
Womens 4’s  Courtney Poirier
Womens 4’s  Rachel Poirier
Womens 4’s  Noelle Poloncarz
Womens 4’s  Maryellen Devic
Womens 4’s Hannah Buffa
Womens 4’s Jaime Snyder
Womens 4’s Delaney Gallagher
Womens 4’s CC Blanchard
Womens 4’s  Chrissy Allen
Womens 4’s  Caroline Doobs
Womens 4’s  Leah Hill
Womens 4’s  Annie  Wheeler
Womens 4’s Cassidy Oswald
Womens 4’s Christina Pelletier
Womens 4’s Jill Ricci
Womens 4’s Cori Gonnna
Womens 4’s  Melissa Kline
Womens 4’s  Stephanie Schreiber
Womens 4’s  Erin Parkinson
Womens 4’s  Tallis Polashenski
Womens 4’s Diana Frank
Womens 4’s Britt Engels
Womens 4’s Jill Van Cott
Womens 4’s Chelsea Beecher
Womens 4’s  Caitlyn Meyer
Womens 4’s  Sam Burgio
Womens 4’s  Abby Ryan
Womens 4’s  Molly Ryan
Womens 4’s Cherisse Lambiase
Womens 4’s Heat Wethers
Womens 4’s Jaime Passinault
Womens 4’s Katie Johnson
Womens 4’s  Andrea Green
Womens 4’s  Alissa  Borlaug
Womens 4’s  Kay Pfleghardt
Womens 4’s  Alyssa  Phillips
Womens 4’s C $
Womens 4’s Dre Coyle
Womens 4’s Shelby Budnick
Womens 4’s Alex Frank
Womens 4’s  Alea Steigerwald 
Womens 4’s  Sav Bothner
Womens 4’s  Ally Smith
Womens 4’s  Kelsey Milligan
Womens 4’s Natalie Peacock
Womens 4’s Abby Spector
Womens 4’s Rachel Fiser
Womens 4’s Maddie Torres
Womens 4’s  Lindsey  DeBonis 
Womens 4’s  Brooke  Segars 
Womens 4’s  Sydney  French 
Womens 4’s  Kiera  Harpence 
Womens 4’s Kelly Matison
Womens 4’s Hunter Drews
Womens 4’s Tricia Masten
Womens 4’s Megan Hyde
Womens 4’s  Jes Marini
Womens 4’s  Hannah Cannan
Womens 4’s  Emma Stoltz
Womens 4’s  Aimee Spillman
Womens 4’s Maddie P
Womens 4’s Dani S
Womens 4’s Emily A
Womens 4’s Tricia B
Womens 4’s  Morgan  Waple 
Womens 4’s  Vika  Teivane 
Womens 4’s  Milena  Lenny 
Womens 4’s  Shelagh  Dolan


Bookings are closed for this event.