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Date(s) - 08/05/2023
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Charlotte Beach


Wow! It’s August already! Just one more short month and we are back inside! This Saturday We will have Men’s and Women’s Open and Intermediate 2’s divisions. Check in will begin at 8am. Please be checked in by no later than 8:30am.  $25 per person for Intermediate and $30 per person for open. Walk ups are always welcome. But!, there is an extra fee. The NOVA Fee is required for this event.

Team as of: 8/04/23

Men’s Open 2’s Joshua Cloute
Men’s Open 2’s Connor Millias
Men’s Open 2’s  Declan Claeys
Men’s Open 2’s  Shaun Turner
Men’s Open 2’s Kyle Zelasko
Men’s Open 2’s Mike Krueger
Men’s Open 2’s  Cam Milligan
Men’s Open 2’s  Owen Wickens
Men’s Open 2’s Henry MOffit
Men’s Open 2’s Johnny Bly
Men’s Open 2’s  Jake Couzens
Men’s Open 2’s  Ryan Parker
Men’s Open 2’s Neil Weaver
Men’s Open 2’s Winkle Goat
Men’s Open 2’s  Cam  Brown 
Men’s Open 2’s  Steph  Mickol
Men’s Open 2’s Zachary Zian
Men’s Open 2’s Parker Schonel
Men’s Open 2’s  CJ Denk
Men’s Open 2’s  Maikon Maikon


Women’s Open 2’s abigail spector
Women’s Open 2’s tessa grover
Women’s Open 2’s  Jaycee Karelus
Women’s Open 2’s  Sarina Pasquantonio
Women’s Open 2’s Ellie Benedict
Women’s Open 2’s Liv Alessi
Women’s Open 2’s  Mar Glamack
Women’s Open 2’s  Mindy Mindy

Womens Open 2’s                               Jasmine B/ Emma W


Men’s Intermediate 2’s Eric Tuttle
Men’s Intermediate 2’s Paul Tuttle
Men’s Intermediate 2’s  Travis Collins
Men’s Intermediate 2’s  Kyle Mihaljevic
Men’s Intermediate 2’s Tyler Coen
Men’s Intermediate 2’s Enrique Enrique
Men’s Intermediate 2’s  Joe Reazor
Men’s Intermediate 2’s  Luke Reazor
Men’s Intermediate 2’s John Kimball
Men’s Intermediate 2’s Guido Cristofori
Men’s Intermediate 2’s  Ryan  DeJohn
Men’s Intermediate 2’s  Jackson  Dejohn


Womens Intermediate 2’s Naomi Cook
Womens Intermediate 2’s Emily Sullenger
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Jess Calzolari
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Kylee Bartlett
Womens Intermediate 2’s Karson Bates
Womens Intermediate 2’s Tirzah Pillet


Bookings are closed for this event.