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Date(s) - 07/02/2022
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Charlotte Beach


What better way to spend July 4th weekend off than with some volleyball. Check in will begin at 8am. The NOVA Fee is required for this event. See everyone there. MERICA!


Men’s Advanced 2’s  Cam Milligan
Men’s Advanced 2’s  Jake Couzens
Men’s Advanced 2’s Zach Schnieder
Men’s Advanced 2’s David Wynne
Men’s Advanced 2’s  Jake  Bliss 
Men’s Advanced 2’s  Jake  Andrew 
Men’s Advanced 2’s Alex Johnson
Men’s Advanced 2’s Alex Barber
Men’s Advanced 2’s  Dany  Marcy
Men’s Advanced 2’s  Maikon  Monteiro 
Men’s Intermediate 2’s Gage Record
Men’s Intermediate 2’s Gavin Record
Men’s Intermediate 2’s  Rob Cierniakoski
Men’s Intermediate 2’s  Ron Cierniakoski
Men’s Intermediate 2’s Ben Bartosch
Men’s Intermediate 2’s Mike Coburn
Men’s Intermediate 2’s  Wes  Smith
Men’s Intermediate 2’s  Jon  Garvey
Men’s Intermediate 2’s Michael Pulver
Men’s Intermediate 2’s Calvin Gonzalez
Men’s Intermediate 2’s  Jon  Baird 
Men’s Intermediate 2’s  Jordan  Mullen 
Women’s Advanced 2’s Brittany Pietrzykowski
Women’s Advanced 2’s Christina Pelletier
Women’s Advanced 2’s  Mar Glamack
Women’s Advanced 2’s  Marryellen D
Women’s Advanced 2’s ry bergeron
Women’s Advanced 2’s cassie thayse
Women’s Advanced 2’s  Vanessa Kuliga
Women’s Advanced 2’s  Liv Alessi
Women’s Advanced 2’s Monica Brower
Women’s Advanced 2’s Caroline Dobinski
Women’s Advanced 2’s  Jolene Cierniakoski
Women’s Advanced 2’s  Kaylee Young
Women’s Advanced 2’s C $
Women’s Advanced 2’s Shelb Dawg
Women’s Advanced 2’s  Diana  Diana 
Women’s Advanced 2’s  Josie  Keenan 
Women’s Advanced 2’s Megan Denk
Women’s Advanced 2’s Sarah Shipley
Women’s Advanced 2’s  Andrea Coyle
Women’s Advanced 2’s  Jess Siragusa
Women’s Advanced 2’s Kristen DeLorenzo
Women’s Advanced 2’s Brooke Clute
Women’s Intermediate 2’s  Skylor N/A you always spell it wrong
Women’s Intermediate 2’s  Danielle Chipre
Women’s Intermediate 2’s Dakota Morrison
Women’s Intermediate 2’s Valerie VanHoesen
Women’s Intermediate 2’s  Jillian Van Cott
Women’s Intermediate 2’s  D Frank


Bookings are closed for this event.