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Date(s) - 08/26/2023
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Charlotte Beach


Alright this is it. This Saturday is the last weekend of the summer before we move indoors. I know it’s sad. But, you have to admit it was a great one! For the last time of 2023 (outdoors). This weekend we have Men’s and Women’s 2’s. Both Open and Intermediate divisions will be available.  Please be checked in by 8:30am. The NOVA Fee is required for this event.


*College students only

Alright!! It’s our last day of our outdoor summer series and that only means 1 thing!! It’s College Day. This is how it works. We know everyone is now in season. But, we have talked with your coaches and you’re taking a break from the hard courts for a day and doing some team bonding on the sand. Our goal here is to see who is the best college duo in section 5.  Only $20 per person this week. The NOVA and WEVA Fee are not required for today. We can’t wait to see you for our last weekend out!!

Teams as of: 8/24

Intermediate 4’s Patrick Williams
Intermediate 4’s Shaun Turner
Intermediate 4’s Zach Calabrese
Intermediate 4’s Kevin Pond
Intermediate 4’s  Jason Ketcherside
Intermediate 4’s  Brenna DeAngelis
Intermediate 4’s  Emily Leone
Intermediate 4’s  Ally Strickland
Intermediate 4’s Valerie Intini
Intermediate 4’s Bryan Minguez
Intermediate 4’s Jaime Minguez
Intermediate 4’s Jimmy Combs
Intermediate 4’s  Sam Zagrobelny
Intermediate 4’s  Olivia Harwef
Intermediate 4’s  Charlotte Rutnic
Intermediate 4’s  Paul Lampanaro
Intermediate 4’s Travis Collins
Intermediate 4’s Scot Scot
Intermediate 4’s Erin Erin
Intermediate 4’s Tbd Tbd
Intermediate 4’s  Angry Ray
Intermediate 4’s  Jeff Mcguinness
Intermediate 4’s  Matt Mcguinness
Intermediate 4’s  Maikon Montero
Intermediate 4’s Micah C
Intermediate 4’s Jeremy H
Intermediate 4’s Andrew V
Intermediate 4’s Brian W
Intermediate 4’s  Chau Nguyen
Intermediate 4’s  Andrew Winkleman
Intermediate 4’s  Neil Weaver
Intermediate 4’s  Greg Humphrey
Intermediate 4’s Jake Bliss
Intermediate 4’s John Garvey
Intermediate 4’s Tom Chamberlain
Intermediate 4’s Freedom n/a
Intermediate 4’s  Kamren R
Intermediate 4’s  Clark B
Intermediate 4’s  Diana L
Intermediate 4’s  Marcus D
Intermediate 4’s Mike Finger
Intermediate 4’s Casey Whittel
Intermediate 4’s Darren Dixon
Intermediate 4’s Jon Rogers
Intermediate 4’s  Luke Shafer
Intermediate 4’s  Dan Bayley
Intermediate 4’s  Jeff Knapp
Intermediate 4’s  AJ Logosh


Men’s Open 2’s Nick Tartaglia
Men’s Open 2’s Mike Pulver


Women’s Open 2’s Tallis Polashenski
Women’s Open 2’s Marisa Turner
Women’s Open 2’s  Diana K
Women’s Open 2’s  Sara Ward
Women’s Open 2’s Sam Holdredge
Women’s Open 2’s Mac Cook


Men’s Intermediate 2’s Cal Bawden
Men’s Intermediate 2’s Jacob Park
Men’s Intermediate 2’s  Douglas koch
Men’s Intermediate 2’s  Chris Manioci
Men’s Intermediate 2’s Declan Claeys
Men’s Intermediate 2’s Cooper Mehlenbacher


College Student Liz Moran
College Student Mary T Zoe T
College Student Tessa Grover
College Student Zipporah Sparkman
College Student Ryleigh Bidwell
College Student Jenna Mattison
College Student Jill Panek
College Student Sydney Spence
College Student Leah Fusilli
College Student Ruth Jackson
College Student Rylie Loomis
College Student Catie Spegar


Bookings are closed for this event.