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Date(s) - 08/27/2022
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Charlotte Beach


It’s our last Saturday of our outdoor series!! And more importantly Dangler’s wedding day! Wish him luck! Roger will be running this event. So, make sure to sign up online and show up early. He’s got a dinner to catch by 6! We will have men’s and women’s 2’s open and intermediate. In addition, we threw on 1 more 4’s intermediate tournament for you.! The NOVA Fee is required for this event. Check in will begin by 7:45. Roger will be starting things today by 8:30!!


Teams as of: 8/23

Intermediate 4’s  Andrew Winkelman
Intermediate 4’s  Jon Garvey
Intermediate 4’s  Jill Vancott
Intermediate 4’s  Mike Pulver
Intermediate 4’s Jason Ketcherside
Intermediate 4’s Emily Leone
Intermediate 4’s Brenna DeAngelis
Intermediate 4’s Nick D’Imperio
Intermediate 4’s  Micah Clark
Intermediate 4’s  Jeremy Hutchinson
Intermediate 4’s  Ashley Leger
Intermediate 4’s  Brittany Dunay
Intermediate 4’s Brendon Malone
Intermediate 4’s Krista Maltzahn
Intermediate 4’s Tyler St. Denis
Intermediate 4’s Jordan St. Denis
Intermediate 4’s  Paul Lampanaro
Intermediate 4’s  Valerie VanHoesen
Intermediate 4’s  Alex Barber
Intermediate 4’s  Nick Senita
Intermediate 4’s Quisha Santos
Intermediate 4’s Rick Casesar
Intermediate 4’s Shane Sullivan
Intermediate 4’s Alexis Delong
Intermediate 4’s  Jake Bliss
Intermediate 4’s  Ray Voekel
Intermediate 4’s  Matt  Mcguiness 
Intermediate 4’s  Jeff Mcguiness 
Intermediate 4’s Graham Love
Intermediate 4’s Jack Broderick
Intermediate 4’s Aaron Neinenger
Intermediate 4’s Patrick Williams
Intermediate 4’s  Chau Nguyen
Intermediate 4’s  Blake Dowell
Intermediate 4’s  Neil Weaver
Intermediate 4’s  Rachel Holmes
Men’s Advanced 2’s Rich Pollock
Men’s Advanced 2’s Kyle Coburn
Men’s Advanced 2’s  Shaun  Turner
Men’s Advanced 2’s  Craig  Turner
Men’s Advanced 2’s Cam M
Men’s Advanced 2’s Billy Wieburg
Men’s Advanced 2’s  Zach  Schneider
Men’s Advanced 2’s  Carl Longchamps
Men’s Advanced 2’s Cam Milligan
Men’s Advanced 2’s Billy Wieberg
Men’s Advanced 2’s  Scott Bundonis
Men’s Advanced 2’s  Andrew Radcliffe
Men’s Advanced 2’s Mike Kruger
Men’s Advanced 2’s Kyle Zelasko
Men’s Intermediate 2’s  Ben Bartosch
Men’s Intermediate 2’s  Mike Coburn 
Women’s Advanced 2’s Cassidy Oswald
Women’s Advanced 2’s Stephanie Alt
Women’s Advanced 2’s  Tallis Polashenski
Women’s Advanced 2’s  Christina Pelletier
Women’s Intermediate 2’s Ana Cerezar
Women’s Intermediate 2’s Ruby Moore
Women’s Intermediate 2’s  Lai Yuen
Women’s Intermediate 2’s  Katie Westerheim
Women’s Intermediate 2’s Sonia McGaffigan
Women’s Intermediate 2’s Caroline Hoag
Women’s Intermediate 2’s  Gillian Reeder
Women’s Intermediate 2’s  Areti Tsirisaka
Women’s Intermediate 2’s Lexi Nelms
Women’s Intermediate 2’s Julia Chotiner


Bookings are closed for this event.