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Date(s) - 06/11/2022
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

WoodLawn Beach State Park


This is our first of 2 times that we will be traveling to Woodlawn Beach. We love this event and we especially love our new location as of last year in the deeper and better quality sand area. This event always bring out the best of the best beach players from the Buffalo region. It’s a great way for everyone to get to experience a NOVA Tournament. Rochestarians always travel to this location. Especially because it’s just over an hour away. We will be offering Men’s and Women’s open and Intermediate 2’s for this event. In addition to Juniors boys and girls 18 and under and 15 and under. Check in will begin by 8am. The NOVA Fee is required for this event.


Teams as of: 6/10

Men’s Advanced 2’s Brian Bergh
Men’s Advanced 2’s Ryab Danna
Men’s Advanced 2’s  Zach Schnieder
Men’s Advanced 2’s  Cam Milligan
Men’s Intermediate 2’s Josh Tomaka
Men’s Intermediate 2’s Sal Augugliaro
Men’s Intermediate 2’s  Keith White
Men’s Intermediate 2’s  Bryan Camp
Men’s Intermediate 2’s Mark Aardema
Men’s Intermediate 2’s Sam Zagrobelny
Women’s Advanced 2’s  Jaime Snyder
Women’s Advanced 2’s  Hannah Buffa
Women’s Advanced 2’s Emma Gielas
Women’s Advanced 2’s Emma Puzausky
Women’s Advanced 2’s  Samantha Burgio
Women’s Advanced 2’s  Caitlyn Meyer
Women’s Advanced 2’s Emma W
Women’s Advanced 2’s Jasmine Jasmine
Women’s Advanced 2’s  Meadow Wittman
Women’s Advanced 2’s  Ella Wittman
Women’s Intermediate 2’s Cassidy Oswald
Women’s Intermediate 2’s Melissa Kline
Women’s Intermediate 2’s  Rebekah Schmitt
Women’s Intermediate 2’s  Christa  White
Women’s Intermediate 2’s Jill Schlenker
Women’s Intermediate 2’s Jess McAndrew
Women’s Intermediate 2’s  Courtney Poirier
Women’s Intermediate 2’s  Rachel Poirier
Women’s Intermediate 2’s Bailey Dolegowski
Women’s Intermediate 2’s Kayla Prentki


Bookings are closed for this event.