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Date(s) - 12/29/2022
5:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Hotshots Volleyball Club


What’s that? A Thursday tournament? That’s right!! This 4’s tournament as been a staple during our end of year tournament series that always brings out great competition and tends to fill early! So, don’t wait too long and get left out! Check in will begin at 5:30pm. The NOVA Fee is required for this event. See everyone there!

REMINDER: If a division is full. Do not register under the incorrect division. Your registration will not count!!! Please call Hot Shots to be added to the wait list.

Teams as of: 12/12 We Are Full!!!

Intermediate 4’s Kevin Hughes
Intermediate 4’s Zack Gaskill
Intermediate 4’s Dennis Abramaitys
Intermediate 4’s Eric Russ
Intermediate 4’s  Mike Pulver
Intermediate 4’s  Mike Pulver
Intermediate 4’s  Mike Root
Intermediate 4’s  Tbd Tbd
Intermediate 4’s Mel Turner
Intermediate 4’s Benny Metz
Intermediate 4’s TBD TBD
Intermediate 4’s TBD TBD
Intermediate 4’s  TJ  n/a
Intermediate 4’s  Ben  n/a
Intermediate 4’s  Dank  n/a
Intermediate 4’s  Masten n/a
Intermediate 4’s Paul Lampanaro
Intermediate 4’s Amanda Haller
Intermediate 4’s Nathan Gadoury
Intermediate 4’s TBD TBD
Intermediate 4’s  Brian Staebell
Intermediate 4’s  Michelle Staebell
Intermediate 4’s  Chris Monahan
Intermediate 4’s  Steve Lindsay
Intermediate 4’s Maddie Parobek
Intermediate 4’s Christine Dobie
Intermediate 4’s Lars Dalemar
Intermediate 4’s TBD TBD
Intermediate 4’s  Chau Nguyen
Intermediate 4’s  Greg  Humphrey 
Intermediate 4’s  Andrew Winkleman 
Intermediate 4’s  Garrett Kirk
Intermediate 4’s Jill VC
Intermediate 4’s Jon Garv
Intermediate 4’s Sam Gaetano
Intermediate 4’s Wes Smith
Intermediate 4’s  Matt Adams
Intermediate 4’s  Abby Casiano
Intermediate 4’s  Brennan O’Connor
Intermediate 4’s  TBD TBD
Intermediate 4’s Rachel Holmes
Intermediate 4’s Jenna Holmes
Intermediate 4’s John McCarty
Intermediate 4’s Tbd Tbd
Intermediate 4’s  Angry Ray
Intermediate 4’s  Pat Williams
Intermediate 4’s  Mike  Coburn
Intermediate 4’s  Kyle Coburn
Intermediate 4’s Jonah Grbic
Intermediate 4’s Ian Meeks
Intermediate 4’s Baylee Morrison
Intermediate 4’s Liv Sheehan
Intermediate 4’s  Massimo Vasta
Intermediate 4’s  Jackson Camblin
Intermediate 4’s  Adam Brawn
Intermediate 4’s  Keith Quinmore
Intermediate 4’s Graham Love
Intermediate 4’s Graham Love
Intermediate 4’s Cameron Webb
Intermediate 4’s Tim Haack
Intermediate 4’s  Valerie VanHoesen
Intermediate 4’s  Calvin Gonzalez
Intermediate 4’s  Emily Orban
Intermediate 4’s  Nick Senita


Recreation 4’s Lisa Gage
Recreation 4’s Scott Michaels
Recreation 4’s Dan Yates
Recreation 4’s Stacey Yates
Recreation 4’s  John Henderson
Recreation 4’s  Caitie Broderick
Recreation 4’s  Tyler Broderick
Recreation 4’s  Mike Hans
Recreation 4’s Alex Johnson
Recreation 4’s Sym Johnson
Recreation 4’s Nick Wynne
Recreation 4’s Alex Barber
Recreation 4’s  Trevor Thomas
Recreation 4’s  Keeler Thomas
Recreation 4’s  Parker Thomas
Recreation 4’s  Spenser Thomas
Recreation 4’s Cassidy Oswald
Recreation 4’s Cameron Bracken
Recreation 4’s Sadie Lang
Recreation 4’s Rocco Rocco
Recreation 4’s  Clark Burris
Recreation 4’s  Rob Niertit
Recreation 4’s  Jess Niertit
Recreation 4’s  TBD n/a
Recreation 4’s John Haag
Recreation 4’s Coty Patrizi
Recreation 4’s Andrew Ghanic
Recreation 4’s Maybe You?
Recreation 4’s  Cooper Melonbutthole
Recreation 4’s  Kenny Curtin 
Recreation 4’s  Paige  Reed 
Recreation 4’s  Mariah Patrizi 
Recreation 4’s Mark Halecki
Recreation 4’s Maddie Kusminsky
Recreation 4’s Aaron Neininger
Recreation 4’s Daniel Halecki
Recreation 4’s  Molly Marshall
Recreation 4’s  Jake Fusare
Recreation 4’s  Jordan Roeder
Recreation 4’s  Mason Howard
Recreation 4’s Brian Staebell
Recreation 4’s Michelle Staebell
Recreation 4’s Chris Monahan
Recreation 4’s Steve Lindsay
Recreation 4’s  Jose Barbosa
Recreation 4’s  Yufie  He
Recreation 4’s  Ruby  List
Recreation 4’s  Tanios  Salkis 


This event is fully booked.