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Date(s) - 12/30/2021
5:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Hotshots Volleyball Club




That’s right! It’s our last tournament of the new year and yes it is on Thursday night. It’s a late start to give you plenty of time to leave work and head on over.  Check in will begin at 5:30pm and we will be starting right at 6pm. This event fills every year! So, do not wait to register! There will be recreation and intermediate for the divisions. First division to 10 team signed up gets the extra pool. See everyone Thursday!! The NOVA Fee is required for this event.

Teams as of 12/15

Ticket Name First Name Last Name
Intermediate 4’s  Katie Alvarez
Intermediate 4’s  Lindsey Gleason
Intermediate 4’s  Don Gleason
Intermediate 4’s  Jake Gleason
Intermediate 4’s Steve Phillips
Intermediate 4’s Allison Denk
Intermediate 4’s Chris Goodman
Intermediate 4’s Jermel Brown
Intermediate 4’s  CHAU NGUYEN
Intermediate 4’s  Justin Hafner
Intermediate 4’s  Ben Metzner
Intermediate 4’s  Cooper Melen-something
Intermediate 4’s Alissa Borlaug
Intermediate 4’s Chad Hursey
Intermediate 4’s Neil Weaver
Intermediate 4’s Twinny Borlaug
Intermediate 4’s  Mel Turner
Intermediate 4’s  Chris Harte
Intermediate 4’s  Zach Brown
Intermediate 4’s  Kate Brown
Intermediate 4’s Jessica Marron
Intermediate 4’s Diana Frank
Intermediate 4’s Mike Scruffiness
Intermediate 4’s Mike Coburn
Intermediate 4’s  Shaun Turner
Intermediate 4’s  Mike  Grotke
Intermediate 4’s  Luke  Gerstner
Intermediate 4’s  Alara  Kocak
Intermediate 4’s John Haag
Intermediate 4’s Sam Guy Tan O
Intermediate 4’s Zack Calabrese
Intermediate 4’s Billy Deholiday
Intermediate 4’s  Brendon  Malone
Intermediate 4’s  Amanda  Malone
Intermediate 4’s  Tom  Street
Intermediate 4’s  Libby Street
Intermediate 4’s Christina Pelletier
Intermediate 4’s Cassidy Oswald
Intermediate 4’s Sam Bitty
Intermediate 4’s Scott Berend
Intermediate 4’s  Gina  McGrath
Intermediate 4’s  Megan  Jones
Intermediate 4’s  Luke  Ferruzza
Intermediate 4’s  Dan Bayley
Intermediate 4’s Dan Crowley
Intermediate 4’s Craig Bodensteiner
Intermediate 4’s Andrew Bodensteiner
Intermediate 4’s Matt Bodensteiner
Intermediate 4’s  Greg Hump
Intermediate 4’s  Garret Iceman
Intermediate 4’s  Tallis P
Intermediate 4’s  Tbd Tbd
Intermediate 4’s Ryan Harris
Intermediate 4’s Ryan Smith
Intermediate 4’s Justin Carey
Intermediate 4’s Marica Bellico
Intermediate 4’s  Paige  Reed
Intermediate 4’s  Amanda Young
Intermediate 4’s  Mat Whiting
Intermediate 4’s  Chris Williams
Recreation 4’s Liza Letoshko
Recreation 4’s Jason Ehmann
Recreation 4’s Cole DeClerck
Recreation 4’s Dan Steiner
Recreation 4’s  Graham Love
Recreation 4’s  Cameron Webb
Recreation 4’s  Alex Ronnenberg 
Recreation 4’s  Jack Broderick
Recreation 4’s Quisha Santos
Recreation 4’s Rick Caesar
Recreation 4’s Shane Sullivan
Recreation 4’s José Barbosa
Recreation 4’s  John  Henderson 
Recreation 4’s  Tyler  Broderick
Recreation 4’s  Ryan  Posadni
Recreation 4’s  Tara Topolski
Recreation 4’s Valerie Vanhoesen
Recreation 4’s Ryan Schnaufer
Recreation 4’s Alex Barber
Recreation 4’s Calvin Gonzalez
Recreation 4’s  Jessica Calzolari
Recreation 4’s  Nick Senita
Recreation 4’s  Paul Lampanaro
Recreation 4’s  Mystery Guest n/a
Recreation 4’s Michael Kelly
Recreation 4’s brit P
Recreation 4’s Jill Ricci
Recreation 4’s tba n/a
Recreation 4’s  Hannah Kmiecinski 
Recreation 4’s  Pat Schuber
Recreation 4’s  TBD  n/a
Recreation 4’s  TBD  n/a
Recreation 4’s Stacey B
Recreation 4’s Ray Voelkl
Recreation 4’s Margerate Clause
Recreation 4’s Chris Kringle
Recreation 4’s  Nick Moore
Recreation 4’s  Kyle Mihaljevic
Recreation 4’s  Travis Collins
Recreation 4’s  John Besner


This event is fully booked.