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Date(s) - 12/28/2023
5:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Hotshots Volleyball Club


What’s that? A Thursday tournament? That’s right!! This 4’s tournament as been a staple during our end of year tournament series that always brings out great competition and tends to fill early! So, don’t wait too long and get left out! Check in will begin at 5:00pm. The NOVA Fee is required for this event. See everyone there!

REMINDER: If a division is full. Do not register under the incorrect division. Your registration will not count!!! Please call Hot Shots to be added to the wait list.

Teams as of: 12/4

Intermediate 4’s Jason Rotoli
Intermediate 4’s Rob Niertit
Intermediate 4’s Roberto Gonzalez
Intermediate 4’s Bill Mellick
Intermediate 4’s  Rachel Holmes
Intermediate 4’s  Jenna Holmes
Intermediate 4’s  Alex Bethamann
Intermediate 4’s  Tbd Tbd
Intermediate 4’s Jillian VC
Intermediate 4’s Lindsay H
Intermediate 4’s Kyle C
Intermediate 4’s Stefan M
Intermediate 4’s  Chau Nguyen
Intermediate 4’s  Andrew Winkleman
Intermediate 4’s  Jon Garvey
Intermediate 4’s  Maikon n/a
Intermediate 4’s Trevor Thomas
Intermediate 4’s Spenser Thomas
Intermediate 4’s Parker Thomas
Intermediate 4’s Keeler Thomas
Intermediate 4’s  C$ Mickol
Intermediate 4’s  Kyle Coburn
Intermediate 4’s  Mike Voelkl
Intermediate 4’s  TBD Mickol
Intermediate 4’s Paul Lampanaro
Intermediate 4’s Big Ben Zipprich
Intermediate 4’s Conner Vangellow
Intermediate 4’s Matt Something
Intermediate 4’s  Big Bucks Bruce
Intermediate 4’s  Mel Turner
Intermediate 4’s  Blake Dowdle
Intermediate 4’s  Benny Metzger
Intermediate 4’s Billy DeHond
Intermediate 4’s Mike Root
Intermediate 4’s Calvin Gonzalez
Intermediate 4’s TBD DeHond
Intermediate 4’s  Sam G
Intermediate 4’s  Wes S
Intermediate 4’s  Nick T
Intermediate 4’s  Tbd
Intermediate 4’s Clark Burris
Intermediate 4’s Matt McGuinness
Intermediate 4’s Kay Pfleghardt
Intermediate 4’s Jeff McGuinness
Intermediate 4’s  Barbie n/a
Intermediate 4’s  Josh Bigford
Intermediate 4’s  Joey Preische
Intermediate 4’s  Adam Cornman
Intermediate 4’s Chris Plop
Intermediate 4’s Madi Karwas
Intermediate 4’s Jordan Tylec
Intermediate 4’s Taylor Sutherland
Intermediate 4’s  Graham Love
Intermediate 4’s  Mark Halecki
Intermediate 4’s  Jack Broderick
Intermediate 4’s  Tim Haack
Intermediate 4’s Pat Williams
Intermediate 4’s Shaun Turner
Intermediate 4’s Declan Claeys
Intermediate 4’s N/A N/A


Recreation 4’s Quisha Santos
Recreation 4’s Rick Caesar
Recreation 4’s Shane Sullivan
Recreation 4’s Zach Zach
Recreation 4’s  C Rehman
Recreation 4’s  C Hept 
Recreation 4’s  Heat Wethers
Recreation 4’s  Jilldo Ricci
Recreation 4’s Nick Moore
Recreation 4’s Sara Moore
Recreation 4’s Tbd n/a
Recreation 4’s Tbd n/a
Recreation 4’s  Phil Leutz
Recreation 4’s  Luke Shafer
Recreation 4’s  Mike  Coburn
Recreation 4’s  Gage  Record
Recreation 4’s Sadie L
Recreation 4’s Amanda J
Recreation 4’s Anna M
Recreation 4’s Tbd n/a
Recreation 4’s  Brendan Mulverna 
Recreation 4’s  Lauren Mulverna
Recreation 4’s  Ali Paccapaniccia
Recreation 4’s  Dave Paccapaniccia
Recreation 4’s Lyndsey Rowland
Recreation 4’s Ana Gerbino
Recreation 4’s Justin Gerace
Recreation 4’s  Owen Mileham
Recreation 4’s  Kate Brown
Recreation 4’s  Katie Baldwin
Recreation 4’s  Tim  Masteller
Recreation 4’s  Ben  Summit 
Recreation 4’s Diana Frankenstein
Recreation 4’s Tricia Masten
Recreation 4’s TJ is Agirlsname
Recreation 4’s  Eric Stdenis 
Recreation 4’s  Kenny  Curtin
Recreation 4’s  n/a n/a
Recreation 4’s  n/a n/a
Recreation 4’s  n/a n/a
Recreation 4’s Molly Marshall
Recreation 4’s Jake Fusare
Recreation 4’s Mason Howard
Recreation 4’s Jordan Roeder
Recreation 4’s  Valerie VanHoesen
Recreation 4’s  Symantha Johnson
Recreation 4’s  Alex Johnson
Recreation 4’s  Tbd  Rec Player




This event is fully booked.