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Date(s) - 11/27/2021
11:30 am - 7:00 pm

Hotshots Volleyball Club


Alright. To wrap up this weekend we have recreation and intermediate 4’s. We’re making sure we have volleyball for everyone! Let’s see how many of you play all 3 days! We will be starting the day off at 11:30am for check in. We will be starting by noon. So, please arrive early. We have some great prizes to compete for this weekend so choose your team wisely. Just no sandbagging. You know who you are.  The NOVA Fee is required for this event.

Teams as of 11/26:

Intermediate 4’s  Jessica Marron
Intermediate 4’s  Diana  Louise
Intermediate 4’s  Michael Scroggins
Intermediate 4’s  Mike Coburn
Intermediate 4’s Brittany Dunay
Intermediate 4’s Matt Stadlmeir
Intermediate 4’s Nick Janson
Intermediate 4’s Zach Steward
Intermediate 4’s  Brody Jackson
Intermediate 4’s  Brennan Hoelperl
Intermediate 4’s  Adrian  Ignjatovic
Intermediate 4’s  Tennyson White
Intermediate 4’s Cooper Mehlenbacher
Intermediate 4’s Mike Pulver
Intermediate 4’s Billy Dehond
Intermediate 4’s TBD TBD
Intermediate 4’s  Mel Turner
Intermediate 4’s  Chad Hursey
Intermediate 4’s  Ben Metzger
Intermediate 4’s  Cam Bracken
Intermediate 4’s Laura Bryan
Intermediate 4’s Ethan Dangler
Intermediate 4’s Abbey Muir
Intermediate 4’s Mike or spot or nick n/a
Intermediate 4’s  Angry Ray
Intermediate 4’s  Colin Manny
Intermediate 4’s  William Gerew
Intermediate 4’s  Edward Daoreuang
Intermediate 4’s Steve Phillips
Intermediate 4’s Allison Denk
Intermediate 4’s Chris Goodman
Intermediate 4’s Jermel Brown
Intermediate 4’s  Garrett Kirk
Intermediate 4’s  Greg Humphery 
Intermediate 4’s  Jess Jenkins
Intermediate 4’s  Ian Humphery 
Intermediate 4’s Jeff McGuinness
Intermediate 4’s Matt McGuinness
Intermediate 4’s Chau Nguyen
Intermediate 4’s Brandon Malone
Intermediate 4’s  Jillian Ricci
Intermediate 4’s  Conner McGregor
Intermediate 4’s  TJ Tour de france
Intermediate 4’s  Cori  Matthews 
Intermediate 4’s Brady Smith
Intermediate 4’s Ricky Hughson
Intermediate 4’s Joaquin Mouliert
Intermediate 4’s Steven Hun
Intermediate 4’s  Sheldon Swift
Intermediate 4’s  Danielle Chipre
Intermediate 4’s  Christa Mickol
Intermediate 4’s  Stefan Mickol
Intermediate 4’s Jackson Camblin
Intermediate 4’s Massimo Vasta
Intermediate 4’s Holden Baird
Intermediate 4’s Adam Brawn
Intermediate 4’s  Tanner Rayburn
Intermediate 4’s  Chris Collier
Intermediate 4’s  Ty  Austin
Intermediate 4’s  Noah Critchlow 
Recreation 4’s Nicholas Moore
Recreation 4’s Travis Collins
Recreation 4’s Kyle Mihaljevic
Recreation 4’s John Besner
Recreation 4’s  Nicole Wyllie
Recreation 4’s  Andrew Kirchgraber
Recreation 4’s  Chris Claeys
Recreation 4’s  Andrew Benjamin
Recreation 4’s Quisha Santos
Recreation 4’s Rick Caesar
Recreation 4’s Jose Barbosa
Recreation 4’s Shane Sullivan
Recreation 4’s  Paul Lampanaro
Recreation 4’s  Alex Johnson
Recreation 4’s  Natasha Bogdanovic
Recreation 4’s  Nick Senita
Recreation 4’s Luis Cartagena
Recreation 4’s Jonathan Feliciano
Recreation 4’s Joshua Murray
Recreation 4’s Darius Dillard
Recreation 4’s  Kristen Kremers
Recreation 4’s  Kim Eichas
Recreation 4’s  Cherise Lambiase
Recreation 4’s  Kristina Kiser
Recreation 4’s Paige Reed
Recreation 4’s Kenny Curtin
Recreation 4’s Jeremy Crane
Recreation 4’s Mark Thayer
Recreation 4’s  Mary Lou McCarthy
Recreation 4’s  Chad Hulbert
Recreation 4’s  Andy Zess
Recreation 4’s  Erin Davis
Recreation 4’s Alissa Borlaug
Recreation 4’s Megan Jones
Recreation 4’s Wes Smith
Recreation 4’s Anthony n/a


This event is fully booked.