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Date(s) - 06/08/2024
7:30 am - 3:30 pm

Sylvan Beach



*Men’s Intermediate, Women’s Intermediate, and Men’s Advanced is now full. Please Text the NOVA Phone (585) 233-4243 to be added to the wait list.

Teams as of:6/3/24

Mens Advanced 2’s Kyle Z
Mens Advanced 2’s Zach S
Mens Advanced 2’s  Ayden Deslauriers
Mens Advanced 2’s  Joey Preische
Mens Advanced 2’s Cam Bro n/a
Mens Advanced 2’s Brayden Kuda
Mens Advanced 2’s  Connor Millias
Mens Advanced 2’s  Brandon Millias
Mens Advanced 2’s Shaun Turner
Mens Advanced 2’s Rich Pollock
Mens Advanced 2’s  Jared Bazan
Mens Advanced 2’s  Ivan Schneible
Mens Advanced 2’s Mike Ellison
Mens Advanced 2’s Bryan Eckler
Mens Advanced 2’s  Matt Sutherland
Mens Advanced 2’s  Sean Fleming
Mens Advanced 2’s John Morris
Mens Advanced 2’s Zach Sullivan
Mens Advanced 2’s  Scott Bundonis
Mens Advanced 2’s  Pete Frey
Mens Advanced 2’s Nicholas J Mickol
Mens Advanced 2’s Ethan R Dangler
Mens Advanced 2’s  Todd Luther
Mens Advanced 2’s  Ethan Irish
Mens Advanced 2’s Sam Bittker
Mens Advanced 2’s Dan Marcy
Mens Advanced 2’s  Stefan Mickol
Mens Advanced 2’s  Carter  Dittman 
Mens Advanced 2’s Mike Krueger
Mens Advanced 2’s Cam Milligan
Mens Advanced 2’s  Tyler Cohen
Mens Advanced 2’s  Aiden Callhoun
Mens Advanced 2’s Cooper Colesante
Mens Advanced 2’s Jared Gilbert
Mens Advanced 2’s  Josh Bigford
Mens Advanced 2’s  Trevor  Caviness
Mens Advanced 2’s Cam Milligan
Mens Advanced 2’s Mike Krueger
Mens Advanced 2’s  Todd Smith
Mens Advanced 2’s  Carl Longchamps
Mens Advanced 2’s Gabe Larobardiere
Mens Advanced 2’s Connor H
Mens Advanced 2’s  Evan Smith
Mens Advanced 2’s  Jim Parks
Mens Advanced 2’s Jeff Knapp
Mens Advanced 2’s Luke Shafer
Mens Advanced 2’s  Ian Rauh
Mens Advanced 2’s  Tracey LaRobardiere
Mens Advanced 2’s Jack Rooney
Mens Advanced 2’s Jake Couzens
Mens Advanced 2’s  Billy Wieberg
Mens Advanced 2’s  Johnny Bly
Mens Advanced 2’s Casey Jackson
Mens Advanced 2’s Griffin Chauncey Stella
Mens Advanced 2’s  Alex Szlamczynski
Mens Advanced 2’s  Greg  Wakeman
Mens Advanced 2’s Henry Moffitt
Mens Advanced 2’s Jake Basinski
Mens Advanced 2’s  Trent  Caviness
Mens Advanced 2’s  Rob  Patzer
Mens Advanced 2’s Adam Dake
Mens Advanced 2’s Riley Dolon
Mens Advanced 2’s  Adam Cornman
Mens Advanced 2’s  Elijah Johnson


Womens Advanced 2’s Lindsay Hernady
Womens Advanced 2’s C$ n/a
Womens Advanced 2’s  Emma W
Womens Advanced 2’s  Jasmine B
Womens Advanced 2’s Julie Chambers
Womens Advanced 2’s Stacey Borgia
Womens Advanced 2’s  Katrina Little
Womens Advanced 2’s  Shalani Stockton 
Womens Advanced 2’s Marisa Turner
Womens Advanced 2’s Casey Brown
Womens Advanced 2’s  Brittany Pietrzykowski
Womens Advanced 2’s  Andrea  Green
Womens Advanced 2’s Cassie Barnes
Womens Advanced 2’s Theresa Goehle
Womens Advanced 2’s  Kiera  Cornman 
Womens Advanced 2’s  Rachael  Aird
Womens Advanced 2’s Savannah Bothner
Womens Advanced 2’s Alea Steigerwald
Womens Advanced 2’s  Savannah Bothner
Womens Advanced 2’s  Alea Steigerwald
Womens Advanced 2’s Olivia Alessi
Womens Advanced 2’s Abby Ryan
Womens Advanced 2’s  Bri Rodgers
Womens Advanced 2’s  Tyla Cutrie
Womens Advanced 2’s Shelby Budnick
Womens Advanced 2’s Jillian Van Cott
Womens Advanced 2’s  Ana C
Womens Advanced 2’s  Ruby na
Womens Advanced 2’s Jaycee na
Womens Advanced 2’s Tessa na
Womens Advanced 2’s  Sam  Holdredge
Womens Advanced 2’s  Amanda  Sedore
Womens Advanced 2’s Tallis Polashenski
Womens Advanced 2’s Mary Ellen Devic
Womens Advanced 2’s  Tyla Cutrie
Womens Advanced 2’s  Bri Rodgers
Womens Advanced 2’s Guse n/a
Womens Advanced 2’s Ellie n/a
Womens Advanced 2’s  Alex Frank
Womens Advanced 2’s  Melissa Newcomb
Womens Advanced 2’s Sophie Sageer
Womens Advanced 2’s Cami Zajac


Womens Intermediate 2’s  Laura Bryan
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Valerie Cardillo
Womens Intermediate 2’s Dakota Morrison
Womens Intermediate 2’s Valerie VanHoesen
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Abbey Muir
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Sara Martin
Womens Intermediate 2’s Jessica Calzolari
Womens Intermediate 2’s Amanda Haller
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Jenna Smith
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Kylee Bartlett
Womens Intermediate 2’s Lauren Mulverna
Womens Intermediate 2’s Kate Brown
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Julia Kellogg
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Mary  Weber
Womens Intermediate 2’s Caitie Broderick
Womens Intermediate 2’s Julia Oberlin
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Sadie Leger
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Michaela hartter 
Womens Intermediate 2’s Jordan Mallore
Womens Intermediate 2’s Mia Palone
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Mallory Martino Patel
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Abbey Townley
Womens Intermediate 2’s Paige Pendleton
Womens Intermediate 2’s Catie Shelton
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Ashley L
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Tina DeLucia
Womens Intermediate 2’s Erin Schneider
Womens Intermediate 2’s Natalie Schneider
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Mary Tassone
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Marissa  Cavanaugh
Womens Intermediate 2’s Jacqui Smith
Womens Intermediate 2’s Nicole Romanick
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Sarah Gaglianese
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Katelyn McCarthy
Womens Intermediate 2’s Sam Gaetano
Womens Intermediate 2’s Diana Frank
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Danielle Chipre
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Jessica Jenkins
Womens Intermediate 2’s Natalie Novak
Womens Intermediate 2’s Maddison Van Etten
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Kasey Darling
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Michelle Slowik
Womens Intermediate 2’s Shawna Laemlein
Womens Intermediate 2’s n/a n/a
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Saige Hupman
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Katie VanNoy
Womens Intermediate 2’s Nikki Bell
Womens Intermediate 2’s Marcy Pontius
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Carly  Jackson
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Chau Nguyen
Womens Intermediate 2’s Monica Brower
Womens Intermediate 2’s Ali S
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Karson Bates
Womens Intermediate 2’s  NA NA
Womens Intermediate 2’s Jillian Ricci
Womens Intermediate 2’s Tricia Masten
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Alissa Borlaug
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Mariah  Patrizi
Womens Intermediate 2’s Paige Sullivan
Womens Intermediate 2’s Alyson Wontkowski


Mens Intermediate 2’s Younger/less handsome Tartaglia
Mens Intermediate 2’s Nathan Zuuber
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Clark Burris
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Colin Ferguson
Mens Intermediate 2’s Nick Moore
Mens Intermediate 2’s Travis Collins
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Ricky Hughson
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Seth Welker
Mens Intermediate 2’s Sam Zagrobelny
Mens Intermediate 2’s Thomas Zagrobelny
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Nick Tartaglia
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Nathan Zuber
Mens Intermediate 2’s Matt Coffey
Mens Intermediate 2’s Gage Record
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Alex Johnson
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Nick Wynne
Mens Intermediate 2’s Coty Patrizi
Mens Intermediate 2’s Mathew Burgos
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Paul  Lampanaro
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Nathan Gadoury
Mens Intermediate 2’s Gordon Simpson
Mens Intermediate 2’s Manuel Pena
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Merna Mulverna
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Zach Brown
Mens Intermediate 2’s Craig Oskam
Mens Intermediate 2’s Jesse Reksc
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Nathan Zuber
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Kaden Taylor
Mens Intermediate 2’s Pat Williams
Mens Intermediate 2’s Cory Gillis
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Cooper Mehlenbacher
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Mitch Larkin
Mens Intermediate 2’s Donnie Shearing
Mens Intermediate 2’s Declan Claeys
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Joshua Gordon
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Chris Joanis
Mens Intermediate 2’s John Haag
Mens Intermediate 2’s Alex Haag
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Matthew Gunderson
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Jeremy Crane
Mens Intermediate 2’s Sheldon Swift
Mens Intermediate 2’s Pat Rowe
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Eric Smith
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Elson Abotsi
Mens Intermediate 2’s Stephon McGee
Mens Intermediate 2’s Anthony DePasquale
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Calvin Gonzalez
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Mike Pulver
Mens Intermediate 2’s Chris Dickey
Mens Intermediate 2’s Neel Patel
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Stephen Tarasek
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Tom LeRoy
Mens Intermediate 2’s Billy DeHond
Mens Intermediate 2’s Nick Senita
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Ken Shultes
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Kamren Record
Mens Intermediate 2’s Garrett Coleman
Mens Intermediate 2’s Jose Malave
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Graham  Brodsky
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Matt Beiter
Mens Intermediate 2’s Matt Cardot
Mens Intermediate 2’s John Kuj
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Tim Stewart
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Aaron Kemmer
Mens Intermediate 2’s Joe VanNoy
Mens Intermediate 2’s n/a n/a
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Mark Reynolds
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Ben Summit
Mens Intermediate 2’s Sam Shutt
Mens Intermediate 2’s Sonepith Keoviengsamay
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Monica Brower
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Ali S
Mens Intermediate 2’s Michael Coburn
Mens Intermediate 2’s Greg Humphrey
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Jon Garv
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Andrew Wink
Mens Intermediate 2’s Phil Zuber
Mens Intermediate 2’s Kevin Mark
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Nicholas Standford
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Steve Rufo
Mens Intermediate 2’s Michael Palmisano
Mens Intermediate 2’s Joe Workman
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Brian Ledwith 
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Mike Sweltz
Mens Intermediate 2’s Ben Metzger
Mens Intermediate 2’s John Bacardi



Bookings are closed for this event.