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Date(s) - 06/06/2021
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Sylvan Beach










*If you are having trouble registering your team. Please call Hot Shots and we can register you over the phone.





For those of you staying the weekend we recommend staying at the Sunset Cottages! For those of you who have been there in the past, you know they fill fast!! That’s not there actual slogan but it might as well be.  To contact them, call 1-315-761-6911 Michael Smith or visit their website at m.sunset.sylvanbeach.com. the address is 611 Park Ave, Sylvan Beach, NY 13157


Day 2 of Sylvan Beach weekend! You made it through Saturdays festivities! You may have a headache. But, a little water and some coed volleyball never hurt to cure that pain. This day is just as much fun! So, keep the party going and find yourself a partner and register for today’s coed event!! Check in will begin at 8am. The NOVA Fee is required for this event.


Teams as of 6/03/21

Coed Advanced:

Shaun Turner/Marisa Turner

Jason Barbuto/Karlie King

Cassie Birth/Cameron Detwiler

Tyler Penberthy/Julie Chambers

Chrissy Allen/John McCarty

Sam Bittker/Shelby Budnick

Brianna Richardson/Cam Brown

Stefan Mickol/Sadie Sharkey

Zach Schnieder/Tyla Cutrie

Paige Recore/Zach Sullivan

Tallis Polashenski/Jordan Putnam

Christa Mickol/Kyle Coburn

Same Holdredge/Todd Luther

Carl Longchamp/Julia Vint

Steve Garner/Theresa Goehle


Coed Intermediate:

Abbey Muir/Bryan  Eckler

Luke Shafer/Carly Jackson

Jessica Calzolari/Mike Pulver

Valarie Van Hoesen/Calvin Gonzalez

Billy Dehond/Dakota Morrison

Mike Scroggins/Nicole Lupi

Matt McGuinness/Diana Louise

Cooper Mehlenbacher/Brittany Pietrakowski

Pete Cannan/Lynn Sorel

Christina DeLucia/Tim Mousaw

Alex Haag/Jess Marron

Mathew Whiting/Kari Mollenkopf

Zachary Calabrese/Justine Manalastas

Aurora Wzientek/Alex Nies

Greg Humphrey/Melissa Kline

Annie Wheeler/Fernando Reynolds

Caroline Dobinski/John Larocca

Tina Salloum/ Jamie Bird

Jacqui Rodriguez / Eric Smith

Josh Hass/Kelly Kearns

Gabrielle Eckles/Mike Borst

Rebecca Shoemaker/Patrick Golden

Rich Pollock/Katie McConville

Saige Hupman/Jared Kucko

Paige Reed/Kenny Curtin

Tim Beal/Michelle Kelly

Chris Harte/Shawna Laemlein

Mallory Martino/Neel Patel

Gordan Simpson/Megan Moody

Kasey Darling/Tyler Saunders

Corey Wiktorski/Tara Topolski

Abigail Maloney/Alan Davids

Evan Smith/Andrea Green

Cassidy Rourke/Logan Murdock

Sarah Howard/Todd Smith

Alex Pera/Monica Ruth

Brendan Merna/

Kristen Bouchard/

Phil Zuber/Nikki Bell







Bookings are closed for this event.