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Date(s) - 06/04/2022
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Sylvan Beach



It’s Sylvan 2022!! We all know about this weekend. So, there is no need to mention much. Except for maybe great volleyball, rum runners, water activities, more volleyball, and rum runners. Did I say that twice? Anyways, check in for this one will begin by 8am. We have a ton of teams to register so, please check in with Roger by 8:30am. Yes, 8:30. We will have first games starting by 9am. The NOVA Fee is required for this event. We can’t wait to see everyone there!

















Teams as of 6/02

Mens Advanced 2’s Ivan Schneible
Mens Advanced 2’s Andrew Zimmer
Mens Advanced 2’s Joshua Hass
Mens Advanced 2’s Jamie Bird
Mens Advanced 2’s  Tim Stewart
Mens Advanced 2’s  Dylan Krowicki
Mens Advanced 2’s  John McCarty
Mens Advanced 2’s  Neil  Weaver
Mens Advanced 2’s Nick Mickol
Mens Advanced 2’s Mike Ellison
Mens Advanced 2’s  Cameron Brown
Mens Advanced 2’s  Ryan Huberty
Mens Advanced 2’s Jason Barbuto(Boots)
Mens Advanced 2’s Jake Baker
Mens Advanced 2’s  Brannon Perdicho
Mens Advanced 2’s  Luke  Lawatch
Mens Advanced 2’s Andrew Radcliffe
Mens Advanced 2’s Patrick Nichols
Mens Advanced 2’s  Corey Wiktorski
Mens Advanced 2’s  Nick Denoncourt
Mens Advanced 2’s Trevor Caviness
Mens Advanced 2’s Josh Bigford
Mens Advanced 2’s  Jonathan Brady
Mens Advanced 2’s  Hans Schroeder
Mens Advanced 2’s Jason Aldrich
Mens Advanced 2’s Sheldon Swift
Mens Advanced 2’s  Stefan Mickol
Mens Advanced 2’s  Michael Voelkl
Mens Advanced 2’s Big Match Bob Patzer
Mens Advanced 2’s The Terminator
Mens Advanced 2’s  Tyler Farnung
Mens Advanced 2’s  Troy Gooch
Mens Advanced 2’s Joshua Rodgers
Mens Advanced 2’s Paul Finch
Mens Advanced 2’s  todd smith
Mens Advanced 2’s  todd luther
Mens Advanced 2’s Shaun Turner
Mens Advanced 2’s Rich Pollach
Mens Advanced 2’s  Bryan Eckler
Mens Advanced 2’s  Ethan Dangler
Mens Advanced 2’s Jake Gleason
Mens Advanced 2’s Angry Pat
Mens Advanced 2’s  CJ Denk
Mens Advanced 2’s  Adam Dake
Mens Advanced 2’s Carl Longchamps
Mens Advanced 2’s Kyle Coburn
Mens Advanced 2’s  Scott Bundonis
Mens Advanced 2’s  Pete Frey
Mens Advanced 2’s Sean Dillon
Mens Advanced 2’s Steve Garner
Mens Advanced 2’s  Michael Krueger
Mens Advanced 2’s  Jake  Couzens
Mens Advanced 2’s Andrew Mink
Mens Advanced 2’s Roman Sosiak
Mens Advanced 2’s  Christopher Joanis
Mens Advanced 2’s  Christian Arquette


Womens Advanced 2’s  Chrissy Allen
Womens Advanced 2’s  Kay Pfleghardt
Womens Advanced 2’s Andrea Coyle
Womens Advanced 2’s Christa Mickol
Womens Advanced 2’s  Bri Richardson 
Womens Advanced 2’s  Paige Recore
Womens Advanced 2’s Alicia Bittner
Womens Advanced 2’s Brytney Parks
Womens Advanced 2’s  tessa  grover 
Womens Advanced 2’s  abby  spector 
Womens Advanced 2’s Brooke Segars
Womens Advanced 2’s Gabby Rivera
Womens Advanced 2’s  Vanessa  Kuliga 
Womens Advanced 2’s  Olivia Alessi
Womens Advanced 2’s Julia Vint
Womens Advanced 2’s Mackenzie Cook
Womens Advanced 2’s  Kaylin Kaylin
Womens Advanced 2’s  Diana Diana
Womens Advanced 2’s Ana Ana
Womens Advanced 2’s Cassie Barnes
Womens Advanced 2’s  Mar Glamack
Womens Advanced 2’s  Sara Shipley
Womens Advanced 2’s Aimee Spillman
Womens Advanced 2’s Hanna Connor
Women’s Advanced 2’s Jasmine Brundage
Women’s Advanced 2’s Emma Wlostowski
Womens Advanced 2’s Marisa Turner
Womens Advanced 2’s Shelby Budnick
Womens Advanced 2’s  Lindsey DeBonis
Womens Advanced 2’s  Alea  Steigerwald 
Womens Advanced 2’s Katrina Little
Womens Advanced 2’s Hayley Macken
Womens Advanced 2’s  Tyla Cutrie
Womens Advanced 2’s  Kate Brennan


Mens Intermediate 2’s  Paul Lampanaro
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Calvin Gonzalez
Mens Intermediate 2’s Alex Johnson
Mens Intermediate 2’s Nick Wynne
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Bill Dehond 
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Mike  Pilver 
Mens Intermediate 2’s Nicholas Moore
Mens Intermediate 2’s Travis Collins
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Ricky Hughson
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Steven Hun
Mens Intermediate 2’s Phil Zuber
Mens Intermediate 2’s Kevin Mark
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Cooper Mehlenbacher
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Mitchel Larkin
Mens Intermediate 2’s Josh Canfield
Mens Intermediate 2’s Chip Hugar
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Wesley Smith
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Jon  Garvey
Mens Intermediate 2’s Wesley Smith
Mens Intermediate 2’s Jon Garvey
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Alex Haag
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Dan Crowley
Mens Intermediate 2’s Matthew Gunderson
Mens Intermediate 2’s Jeremy Crane
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Alex Pera
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Jeremy  Hutchinson 
Mens Intermediate 2’s Brian Witt
Mens Intermediate 2’s Kyle O’Hara
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Ryan Posadni
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Chris Topolski
Mens Intermediate 2’s Bryan Lam
Mens Intermediate 2’s John Doe
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Brandon  Chanthalima
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Brandan  Mclellan
Mens Intermediate 2’s Manuel Pena
Mens Intermediate 2’s Gordon Simpson
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Ken Shultes
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Seth Welker
Mens Intermediate 2’s Jared Kiser
Mens Intermediate 2’s Chris Mowery
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Zach Calabrese
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Jake Bliss
Mens Intermediate 2’s John Braun
Mens Intermediate 2’s Jordan Ingerica
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Bruce  Lee
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Patrick  Williams
Mens Intermediate 2’s Tim Mousaw
Mens Intermediate 2’s Chris Harte
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Pete Cannan
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Connor O’Donoghue 
Mens Intermediate 2’s Eric Smith
Mens Intermediate 2’s Jimmy Coleman
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Scott Prindle
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Ray Voelkl
Mens Intermediate 2’s Matthew Shetler
Mens Intermediate 2’s Dustin Hagin
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Luke Shafer
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Cam  Bracken
Mens Intermediate 2’s Coty Patrizi
Mens Intermediate 2’s Kyle Ingalls
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Gregory Humphrey
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Mike Coburn
Mens Intermediate 2’s Garrett Kirk
Mens Intermediate 2’s Zach Brown
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Brian Ledwith
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Mike Sweltz
Mens Intermediate 2’s Benoit Biteau
Mens Intermediate 2’s Alex Nies
Mens Intermediate 2’s  B Nally
Mens Intermediate 2’s  TJ Tortatice
Mens Intermediate 2’s Stephon McGee
Mens Intermediate 2’s Joe Gilberti
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Nick  Riccardi
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Garrett Coleman
Mens Intermediate 2’s Kenny Curtin
Mens Intermediate 2’s Cory Gillis
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Austyn Affronti
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Corey Goodness
Mens Intermediate 2’s Micah Clark
Mens Intermediate 2’s Andrew Van Roo
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Todd Allen
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Russ Tartaglia
Mens Intermediate 2’s Bruce Ingersoll
Mens Intermediate 2’s Ben Metz
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Fernando Reynolds
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Zach Sullivan
Mens Intermediate 2’s Evan Smith
Mens Intermediate 2’s Austin Lee
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Ean Stevenson
Mens Intermediate 2’s  Ethan Fritz


Womens Intermediate 2’s Jessica Calzolari
Womens Intermediate 2’s Dakota Morrison
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Valerie Vanhoesen
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Amanda Haller
Womens Intermediate 2’s Sara Martin
Womens Intermediate 2’s Abbey Muir
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Laura Bryan
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Maria Dolan
Womens Intermediate 2’s Rachel Holmes
Womens Intermediate 2’s Alyssa Borlaug
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Jillian Van Cott
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Jess Jenkins
Womens Intermediate 2’s Monica Brower
Womens Intermediate 2’s Quisha Santos
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Nikki Bell
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Marcy Pontius
Womens Intermediate 2’s Christina DeLucia
Womens Intermediate 2’s Shelby Poole
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Loni Dangler
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Casey  Cardillo
Womens Intermediate 2’s Mariah Patrizi
Womens Intermediate 2’s Alyssa Phillips
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Mary Tassone
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Sophie  Nielsen 
Womens Intermediate 2’s Andrea Green
Womens Intermediate 2’s Carly Jackson
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Saige Hupman
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Katie Vannoy
Womens Intermediate 2’s Ally Soldati
Womens Intermediate 2’s Yufei He
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Brittni  Engels
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Diana Frank
Womens Intermediate 2’s Jacqui Smith
Womens Intermediate 2’s Mallory Martino
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Sam G
Womens Intermediate 2’s  n/a n/a
Womens Intermediate 2’s Adrianna Garcia
Womens Intermediate 2’s Dylan Gawinski Stern
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Tina Salloum
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Kayla Gilberti
Womens Intermediate 2’s Kate Mocha
Womens Intermediate 2’s Caroline Doob
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Melissa Kline
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Madeline Palmer
Womens Intermediate 2’s Christina Pelletier
Womens Intermediate 2’s Tara Topolski
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Amanda Johnson
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Danielle Chipre
Womens Intermediate 2’s Sarah Howard
Womens Intermediate 2’s Kristin Morrison
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Kasey Darling
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Steph Andruskova
Womens Intermediate 2’s Ashley L
Womens Intermediate 2’s Alexis D
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Phebe Slothower
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Mara Luther
Womens Intermediate 2’s Annie Reynolds
Womens Intermediate 2’s Meredith Howe
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Jill Ricci
Womens Intermediate 2’s  Trish Masten
Womens Intermediate 2’s Sarah Cotrupe
Womens Intermediate 2’s Italia LaRocco


Bookings are closed for this event.