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Date(s) - 06/18/2023
8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Charlotte Beach


This is one of if not the largest juniors event of the summer that we have to offer. It’s the Annual USA Beach Qualifier. What’s so special about this event you ask?  You not only get to compete against the best of the best players in the Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse area. But! The winning teams in each age group get the opportunity to compete against winning teams from all over the country. So why not see if you have what it takes and register for this weekend. We have great prizes for all finalists.


If it’s your first time, we start with check in at 8am. We will be sending all teams out by 8:45am for pool play. Here we will also be going over any or all rules for teams. Pool play generally lasts 3 to 4 hours. We then will have playoffs which every team will make a division for more play. Playoffs will be single elimination. Your day should end between 2pm and 4pm depending on how your team does.
The NOVA Fee is not required for this event if you are a WEVA member.

Teams as of: 6/16

Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 12u Teddy Bones
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 12u Ryan Scully
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 12u JJ O’Dell
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 12u Jace O’Dell
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 12u Owen Klueber
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 12u Charles Klueber
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 12u Griffin Pike
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 12u Shawn O’Dell


Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 14U James Tang
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 14U Nicholas Tang
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 14U Dominic Lucci
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 14U Dillon Grimes


Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 16U Alex Seege
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 16U Max Philarom
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 16U Jack Harrington
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 16U Luke Zimmermann
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 16U Rocco Vaughan
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 16U Rocco Lucci 
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 16U Kaiden Bleech
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 16U Henry Uhl
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 16U Aidan Granville
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 16U Jack Granville
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 16U Alex Scapillato
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 16U Jason O’Neil
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 16U Doug Klueber
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 16U Jacob McCue


Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 18U Nick Tartaglia
Boy’s Jr’s 2’s 18U Declan Claeys


Girls Jr’s 2’s 14u Quinn Brecker
Girls Jr’s 2’s 14u Chloe Bacher
Girls Jr’s 2’s 14u Lauryn Watson
Girls Jr’s 2’s 14u Anna McCormack
Girls Jr’s 2’s 14u Paige Jackson
Girls Jr’s 2’s 14u Harper Dittman
Girls Jr’s 2’s 14u Natalie Schneider
Girls Jr’s 2’s 14u Julia Mirabelli
Girls Jr’s 2’s 14u Leah Klueber
Girls Jr’s 2’s 14u Sidney Moore


Girls Jr’s 2’s 16U Lucrezia Pavan
Girls Jr’s 2’s 16U Sara Gerstring


Bookings are closed for this event.