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Date(s) - 02/10/2024
All Day

Hotshots Volleyball Club


The NOVA fee is not required for this event.

Teams as of: 2/06

Intermediate 3’s John Haag
Intermediate 3’s Brittany Pietrokowski
Intermediate 3’s Intermediate Player #3
Intermediate 3’s Alex Barber
Intermediate 3’s Nick Wynne
Intermediate 3’s Alex Johnson
Intermediate 3’s Chau Nguyen
Intermediate 3’s Cooper Watermelon
Intermediate 3’s Kenneth Schultz
Intermediate 3’s Zach Sipos
Intermediate 3’s Jaxon  Hay
Intermediate 3’s Mason Smith 
Intermediate 3’s Jill Ricci
Intermediate 3’s Cori Hept
Intermediate 3’s Mel Turner
Intermediate 3’s Andrew Banas
Intermediate 3’s Andrew Tackling
Intermediate 3’s Kathy Cook
Intermediate 3’s Akiya Barbosa
Intermediate 3’s Jose Barbosa
Intermediate 3’s Jessy ?


Intermediate 4’s Luke n/a
Intermediate 4’s Neil n/a
Intermediate 4’s Aurora n/a
Intermediate 4’s Mike n/a
Intermediate 4’s  Ricky Hughson
Intermediate 4’s  Jess Calzolari 
Intermediate 4’s  Andrew Chiang 
Intermediate 4’s  Kam Record
Intermediate 4’s Janice Embury
Intermediate 4’s Tony Terradas
Intermediate 4’s Eric Frazier
Intermediate 4’s John Donovan
Intermediate 4’s  Monica Is the best
Intermediate 4’s  Graham Butthead
Intermediate 4’s  Colin Fart sniffer
Intermediate 4’s  Kenny Crapperpants
Intermediate 4’s Pat Williams
Intermediate 4’s Cooper Mehlenbacher
Intermediate 4’s Kyle Coburn
Intermediate 4’s Declan Claeys
Intermediate 4’s  Bruce Ingersoll
Intermediate 4’s  Chau n/a
Intermediate 4’s  Jordan n/a
Intermediate 4’s  Winky n/a
Intermediate 4’s Paul Lampanaro
Intermediate 4’s Ben Zipprich
Intermediate 4’s Nathan Smith
Intermediate 4’s To Be Determined
Intermediate 4’s  Mariah  Patrizi 
Intermediate 4’s  Dan  Bayley 
Intermediate 4’s  Cooper Mehlanbacher
Intermediate 4’s  Alex  n/a
Intermediate 4’s Brittany Dunay
Intermediate 4’s Micah Clark
Intermediate 4’s Jeremy Hutchinson
Intermediate 4’s TBD TBD
Intermediate 4’s  Julia  Kellogg
Intermediate 4’s  Elizabeth  Newell
Intermediate 4’s  Mary  Weber
Intermediate 4’s  Tbd Tbd





Recreation 4’s Patty Kerwan
Recreation 4’s Talia Brewer
Recreation 4’s A friend
Recreation 4’s TBD TBD
Recreation 4’s  John Haag
Recreation 4’s  Coty Patrizi
Recreation 4’s  Matt Burgos
Recreation 4’s  TBD n/a
Recreation 4’s Travis Collins
Recreation 4’s Victoria Lawson
Recreation 4’s Tim Giannetti
Recreation 4’s Pat Murphy
Recreation 4’s  Dakota Morrison
Recreation 4’s  Alex Barber
Recreation 4’s  Nick Wynne
Recreation 4’s  Jake Jakeslastname
Recreation 4’s Alex Johnson
Recreation 4’s Sym Johnson
Recreation 4’s Nick Senita
Recreation 4’s Val VanHoesen
Recreation 4’s  Ned Powers
Recreation 4’s  Dan Cunniffe
Recreation 4’s  Jessie  Powers
Recreation 4’s  Chloe Cunniffe
Recreation 4’s Jim Kerg
Recreation 4’s Tianna Kerg
Recreation 4’s Kathea Dubler
Recreation 4’s Dylan Lohr
Recreation 4’s  Brittanie Montgomery
Recreation 4’s  Kayla O’Dell
Recreation 4’s  Bryce Rectenwald
Recreation 4’s  Justin Recktenwald
Recreation 4’s Ben Summit
Recreation 4’s Kate Mocha
Recreation 4’s Katie Baldwin
Recreation 4’s Tim Mastellar
Recreation 4’s  Lauren Femia
Recreation 4’s  Kenny With The Stache
Recreation 4’s  Tanios  The Only One
Recreation 4’s  Someone  Out There
Recreation 4’s Steve Hunt
Recreation 4’s Lori Schreib
Recreation 4’s Michele Levcik
Recreation 4’s Tod Ruthven
Recreation 4’s  Britney Merriman
Recreation 4’s  Matt Sharp
Recreation 4’s  Adam Gerken
Recreation 4’s  Mike Collins
Recreation 4’s Steven Hun
Recreation 4’s Emmeline Pipech
Recreation 4’s Bo Bunz
Recreation 4’s Brandon Chanthalima
Recreation 4’s  Brad  Noble
Recreation 4’s  Steve Bollin
Recreation 4’s  Jason Bircan
Recreation 4’s  Mitch Devitto
Recreation 4’s Mike Bossard
Recreation 4’s Peter Smock
Recreation 4’s Josh Stauring
Recreation 4’s Amanda Moore


Upper Intermediate 3’s Ricky Hughson
Upper Intermediate 3’s Marcus Davic
Upper Intermediate 3’s Tom Chamberlain
Upper Intermediate 3’s Adam Dake
Upper Intermediate 3’s Stefan Mickol
Upper Intermediate 3’s Andrew Winkelman
Upper Intermediate 3’s Declan Claeys
Upper Intermediate 3’s Jess Jenkins
Upper Intermediate 3’s Matt Sutherland


Bookings are closed for this event.