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Date(s) - 05/04/2024 - 05/05/2024
8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Cobbs Hill Park


Outdoor Volleyball is Back! We’re happy to offer 4’s Divisions at the Recreational, Intermediate, and Advanced level this Saturday at the beautiful Cobb’s Hill Park. Check-in will begin at 8:30 am with the first serves happening at 9. Get outside and play some great volleyball with a chance to win some great prizes too. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Reminder: the NOVA fee is required for this event.

Teams as of: 4/29

Advanced 4’s Nick Tartaglia
Advanced 4’s Mike Coburn
Advanced 4’s John Garvey
Advanced 4’s Aidan Snover
Advanced 4’s  Zach Schneider
Advanced 4’s  Stefan Mickol
Advanced 4’s  Rob Patzer
Advanced 4’s  Kyle Zelasko
Advanced 4’s Michael Pulver
Advanced 4’s Danny Marcy
Advanced 4’s Blake Dowdle
Advanced 4’s Other Marcy?
Advanced 4’s  Peter Leicht 
Advanced 4’s  Jariel  Giraud
Advanced 4’s  Patrick Mullen
Advanced 4’s  Ondrej Arabasz
Advanced 4’s Tyler Cohen
Advanced 4’s Gabe La Robardiere
Advanced 4’s Aiden Calhoun
Advanced 4’s Tavion Ford
Advanced 4’s  Ayden Herreid
Advanced 4’s  Eli  Sproul
Advanced 4’s  Peyton Koszelak
Advanced 4’s  Eric  Jackson
Advanced 4’s Tyler Farnung
Advanced 4’s Riley Dolan
Advanced 4’s Hank Gorton
Advanced 4’s Sam Bittker
Advanced 4’s  Henry  MOffit
Advanced 4’s  Mike Kruger
Advanced 4’s  Johnny Bly
Advanced 4’s  Billy Wiebert
Advanced 4’s Zachary Zian
Advanced 4’s Ian DeWilde
Advanced 4’s Tymek Brzoza
Advanced 4’s Joey Preische
Advanced 4’s  Moises Jimenez
Advanced 4’s  Andrew  Howe
Advanced 4’s  Troy  Vo
Advanced 4’s  Paul  Fillion
Advanced 4’s maverick oneill
Advanced 4’s jake basinski
Advanced 4’s sean califf
Advanced 4’s jack rooney
Advanced 4’s  Josh Bigford
Advanced 4’s  Adam Dake
Advanced 4’s  Cam  Milligan 
Advanced 4’s  Andrew  Kim 
Advanced 4’s Jonah Grbic
Advanced 4’s Ian Meeks
Advanced 4’s Noah Liousfi
Advanced 4’s Bryce Nickson


Intermediate 4’s Liza Letoshko
Intermediate 4’s Kevin Pond
Intermediate 4’s Jason Ehmann
Intermediate 4’s Jerry Menzie
Intermediate 4’s  Paul Lampanaro
Intermediate 4’s  Graham Brodsky
Intermediate 4’s  Jess Calzolari
Intermediate 4’s  Matt Beiter
Intermediate 4’s Graham Sucks
Intermediate 4’s Patty Bobby
Intermediate 4’s Sam Holdrege
Intermediate 4’s The Goat Wink
Intermediate 4’s  Matthew Burgos
Intermediate 4’s  Justin Gerace
Intermediate 4’s  Kate Tyler
Intermediate 4’s  Dave Baker
Intermediate 4’s Andrew Chang
Intermediate 4’s Cooper Mehlenbacher
Intermediate 4’s Billy Dehond
Intermediate 4’s Sam Gaetano
Intermediate 4’s  Ricky Hughson
Intermediate 4’s  Alex Haag
Intermediate 4’s  Mike Bain
Intermediate 4’s  Matt Bain
Intermediate 4’s Rainier Garnica
Intermediate 4’s Caitie Broderick
Intermediate 4’s Colin Ferguson
Intermediate 4’s Kenny Curtin
Intermediate 4’s  Manny C.
Intermediate 4’s  T J
Intermediate 4’s  Jay Hill
Intermediate 4’s  Jess Jenk
Intermediate 4’s Andre Green Bean
Intermediate 4’s Evaaaan Smith
Intermediate 4’s No L’s Lauren Mulverna
Intermediate 4’s Sick Mern Mulverna
Intermediate 4’s  Karson bates
Intermediate 4’s  solen c
Intermediate 4’s  ana c
Intermediate 4’s  colin f
Intermediate 4’s Matt Coffey
Intermediate 4’s Gage Record
Intermediate 4’s Seth Welker
Intermediate 4’s TBD TBD
Intermediate 4’s  Greg Hump
Intermediate 4’s  Gike  Hump
Intermediate 4’s  Enrique Enrique
Intermediate 4’s  Jilly VC
Intermediate 4’s Clark Burris
Intermediate 4’s Lindsay Hernady
Intermediate 4’s Bruce Ingersoll
Intermediate 4’s Marcus Davic
Intermediate 4’s  Ken Shultes
Intermediate 4’s  Kam Record
Intermediate 4’s  Gav Record
Intermediate 4’s  Emily Cottrell
Intermediate 4’s Liz S
Intermediate 4’s Connor O
Intermediate 4’s Dan B
Intermediate 4’s Scott B
Intermediate 4’s  Jose Barbosa
Intermediate 4’s  Roberto  Gonzales 
Intermediate 4’s  Roman  Z
Intermediate 4’s  Sam Zagrobelny
Intermediate 4’s Sheldon Swift
Intermediate 4’s Danielle Chipre
Intermediate 4’s TBD 👤
Intermediate 4’s TBD 👤
Intermediate 4’s  Jake Bliss
Intermediate 4’s  Ray Voekl
Intermediate 4’s  Mitch Hangs Low
Intermediate 4’s  Jeff McG
Intermediate 4’s Declan Claeys
Intermediate 4’s Luke Zimmerman
Intermediate 4’s Luke Sullivan
Intermediate 4’s Tallis Polashenski
Intermediate 4’s  Chau Nguyen
Intermediate 4’s  Chad Hursey
Intermediate 4’s  Tom Chamberlain
Intermediate 4’s  Matt Sutherland
Intermediate 4’s Jake Baker
Intermediate 4’s Owen Gardner
Intermediate 4’s Jack Demaria
Intermediate 4’s Kiera Hartpence
Intermediate 4’s  Steve Phillips
Intermediate 4’s  Jeff Hay
Intermediate 4’s  John Kujawinski
Intermediate 4’s  Lynn Wild
Intermediate 4’s Steve Phillips
Intermediate 4’s n/a n/a
Intermediate 4’s n/a n/a
Intermediate 4’s n/a n/a
Intermediate 4’s  Coty Patrizi
Intermediate 4’s  Jeremy Hutchenson
Intermediate 4’s  Steven Hun
Intermediate 4’s  Tbd n/a
Intermediate 4’s Mariah P
Intermediate 4’s Zack Cal
Intermediate 4’s Wesley Smith
Intermediate 4’s D Frank
Intermediate 4’s  Jimmy Roberts
Intermediate 4’s  Sonepith Keoviengsamay 
Intermediate 4’s  Alex  Quinn 
Intermediate 4’s  Nate  Brubaker 
Intermediate 4’s Tanios S
Intermediate 4’s Steph Ali
Intermediate 4’s Alexa Young
Intermediate 4’s Tbd Dbt
Intermediate 4’s  Michael Dhalle
Intermediate 4’s  Abby Higgins
Intermediate 4’s  Donnie n/a
Intermediate 4’s  TBD n/a
Intermediate 4’s Jasmine B
Intermediate 4’s Vanessa K
Intermediate 4’s Olivia A
Intermediate 4’s Kate R
Intermediate 4’s  Pat Williams
Intermediate 4’s  Ray Voelkl
Intermediate 4’s  Luke Faruzza
Intermediate 4’s  TBD TBD
Intermediate 4’s Shawna Laemlein
Intermediate 4’s n/a n/a
Intermediate 4’s n/a n/a
Intermediate 4’s n/a n/a
Intermediate 4’s  Maddy Bouton
Intermediate 4’s  Kaylene Noble
Intermediate 4’s  Erika Edholm
Intermediate 4’s  Bella Mahar
Intermediate 4’s Emma W
Intermediate 4’s Maddie O
Intermediate 4’s Lauren H
Intermediate 4’s Molly R
Intermediate 4’s  Conor H
Intermediate 4’s  Mark M
Intermediate 4’s  Alex G
Intermediate 4’s  Albert M
Intermediate 4’s C $
Intermediate 4’s S $
Intermediate 4’s R $
Intermediate 4’s B $
Intermediate 4’s  Ray  Mahar
Intermediate 4’s  Teddy  Combs
Intermediate 4’s  Jack  Broderick
Intermediate 4’s  Chris  Hare
Intermediate 4’s Jake Seklar
Intermediate 4’s Dan Seklar
Intermediate 4’s Brendon Malone
Intermediate 4’s Anatolii Stoliarenko
Intermediate 4’s  Tony Terradas
Intermediate 4’s  Eric Frazier
Intermediate 4’s  John Donovan
Intermediate 4’s  Geoff Bones
Intermediate 4’s Brendan Leong
Intermediate 4’s Dylan Leong
Intermediate 4’s Alex Nuez
Intermediate 4’s Jake Woelfel


Recreation 4’s Kristen Boyd
Recreation 4’s Phil Boyd
Recreation 4’s Ryan Warner
Recreation 4’s Eldon Ortiz
Recreation 4’s  Matthew Gunderson
Recreation 4’s  Jeremy Crane
Recreation 4’s  Paige Reed 
Recreation 4’s  Mark Thayer
Recreation 4’s Julia Kellogg
Recreation 4’s Mary Weber
Recreation 4’s Emma Kuhn
Recreation 4’s NA NA
Recreation 4’s  Hannah n/a
Recreation 4’s  Emily n/a
Recreation 4’s  Lauren n/a
Recreation 4’s  Michaela n/a
Recreation 4’s Jason Bircann
Recreation 4’s Nate Morgante
Recreation 4’s Brad Noble
Recreation 4’s Kayla Noble
Recreation 4’s  Quisha  Santos
Recreation 4’s  Rick  Caesar 
Recreation 4’s  Andy  DeSantis
Recreation 4’s  Your guess is  As good as mine
Recreation 4’s Karl Daningburg
Recreation 4’s Meghan Hardwick
Recreation 4’s Chloe Williams
Recreation 4’s TBD n/a
Recreation 4’s  Mia Palone
Recreation 4’s  Patrick Rowe 
Recreation 4’s  Jordan  Mallore
Recreation 4’s  James  Gravino
Recreation 4’s Sadie Lang
Recreation 4’s Amanda Johnson
Recreation 4’s James Arlington
Recreation 4’s Anna Marshall
Recreation 4’s  Katie Goerl
Recreation 4’s  Katie Daniel
Recreation 4’s  Talia Brewer
Recreation 4’s  Patrick Kerwan
Recreation 4’s Michael Colavecchia
Recreation 4’s Pat Kenyon
Recreation 4’s Kyle Bockus
Recreation 4’s Rick Federico
Recreation 4’s  Josh  Dailey
Recreation 4’s  Matt Rossi
Recreation 4’s  Mark  Delcorvo
Recreation 4’s  Jessicao Delcorvo
Recreation 4’s mike Bossard
Recreation 4’s Mishaya Tuttle
Recreation 4’s Damon Counterman
Recreation 4’s Chris Bishop
Recreation 4’s  Brian Cizenski
Recreation 4’s  tristan Wilkinson 
Recreation 4’s  mike  Baranowski
Recreation 4’s  Kim Ward
Recreation 4’s Travis Collins
Recreation 4’s Kyle Mihaljevic
Recreation 4’s Tbd Tbd
Recreation 4’s Tbd Tbd
Recreation 4’s  Josh Stauring
Recreation 4’s  Dani Gressley
Recreation 4’s  Jordan  Mullen
Recreation 4’s  Luke Fischer
Recreation 4’s Peyton Snyder
Recreation 4’s Jaime Berthold
Recreation 4’s Taylor Smith
Recreation 4’s Rebecca Farca
Recreation 4’s  Aidan Harney
Recreation 4’s  Chris Shutt
Recreation 4’s  Luke P
Recreation 4’s  Peyton Healy
Recreation 4’s Luke Fischer
Recreation 4’s n/a n/a
Recreation 4’s n/a n/a
Recreation 4’s n/a n/a



Bookings are closed for this event.