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Date(s) - 06/18/2022
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Charlotte Beach


What a better way to spend Father’s Day weekend than playing some beach volleyball. Especially if you have plans for Sunday already. So, bring the whole family down and plan on a fun filled day of volleyball at the beach. Hey who knows. If you end up winning. There’s your gift for your father. 2 birds with 1 stone. Check in will begin by 8am. We will be starting things off by 8:30. The NOVA Fee is required for this event.


Men’s Advanced 2’s Jake Bliss
Men’s Advanced 2’s Andrew Winkleman
Men’s Advanced 2’s  Keith White
Men’s Advanced 2’s  Randy Bittner
Men’s Advanced 2’s Shaun Turner
Men’s Advanced 2’s Mike Coburn
Men’s Advanced 2’s  Cj Denk
Men’s Advanced 2’s  Jake Gleason
Men’s Advanced 2’s Bryan Eckler
Men’s Advanced 2’s Mike Ellison
Men’s Advanced 2’s  Mike Krueger
Men’s Advanced 2’s  Cam Milligan
Men’s Advanced 2’s Stefan Mickol
Men’s Advanced 2’s Zach Schneider
Men’s Advanced 2’s  Robert Evangelista
Men’s Advanced 2’s  Parker Schoenel
Men’s Intermediate 2’s Erik Dechow
Men’s Intermediate 2’s Mitch Segbers
Men’s Intermediate 2’s  Alex Johnson
Men’s Intermediate 2’s  Nick Wynne
Men’s Intermediate 2’s Tyler Shicks
Men’s Intermediate 2’s Nick Lupo
Men’s Intermediate 2’s  Tim Hoang
Men’s Intermediate 2’s  Matt  Wang
Men’s Intermediate 2’s Manny n/a
Men’s Intermediate 2’s Wes n/a
Men’s Intermediate 2’s  Nathan Hwang
Men’s Intermediate 2’s  Will Harvey
Women’s Advanced 2’s Samantha Burgio
Women’s Advanced 2’s Caitlyn Meyer
Women’s Advanced 2’s  Christa Mickol
Women’s Advanced 2’s  Alex Frank
Women’s Advanced 2’s Carson Tyler
Women’s Advanced 2’s Kylie Blessing
Women’s Advanced 2’s  Diana Diana
Women’s Advanced 2’s  Ana Ana
Women’s Advanced 2’s Lily Witkoski
Women’s Advanced 2’s Riley Bergeron
Women’s Advanced 2’s  Olivia Alessi
Women’s Advanced 2’s  Vanessa Kuliga
Women’s Advanced 2’s  Dre n/a
Women’s Advanced 2’s  Tessa  n/a
Women’s Intermediate 2’s  Abbey Muir
Women’s Intermediate 2’s  Brit  P
Women’s Intermediate 2’s  Kylee Bartlett
Women’s Intermediate 2’s  Dakota Morrison
Women’s Intermediate 2’s  Monica Brower
Women’s Intermediate 2’s  Laura Bryan
Women’s Intermediate 2’s Shea Norton
Women’s Intermediate 2’s Mary Bochicchio
Women’s Intermediate 2’s  Erin Schneider
Women’s Intermediate 2’s  Dina Brouse


Bookings are closed for this event.